It’s Entertainment – Celtic Thunder

My horizons are ever broadening and this evening I have been listening to another CD that usually wouldn’t jump out and say buy me, I am really quite enjoying it much to my surprise.

It’s Entertainment is the newest album release of Celtic Thunder, the fourth studio album from this talented male vocal quintet. There have been a few lineup changes in the group since this album was recorded so I was quite hesitant about what I would say, hoping not to say the wrong thing! Therefore I am going to leave the lineup alone this time round. Each of the members got two songs, one that is a vocal workout and one that was just extremely fun.

The choice of songs on this CD speaks to my childhood and into early adulthood. They are basically all tracks that I am familiar with and for the most part quite enjoy. High energy and totally new renditions of classic songs spanning the last 30 years will be sure to capture the hearts of a new generation of fans – for these classic songs as well as for the talented men that make up Celtic Thunder.

celtic thunder

Where to start with the energetic and fun tracks that have been reinvented for this album! The Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah has been done and redone and I’m pretty sure I’ve liked most versions I have heard, this one performed by Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin and Ryan Kelly is haunting and beautiful – almost enough to raise goose pimples.

To complement that timeless classic (that sounds very different to the Shrek rendition) are Just Like Jesse James, which is a song I have loved by another artist so I went in sceptical – I love it! I think I’ll listen again (and again). The vocalist is Charley Bird but that’s all I can tell you about her; Hard To Say I’m Sorry, Amazing Grace and Hello Again. I really could just go on ans on about all the tracks on this one I think.

This is an album that you really need to hear to believe, and you may get the chance to listen in person if you’re lucky enough to get your tickets to the tour in Feb/Mar 2012.

Track Listing

01. Home – Damian McGinty
02. Life With You – George Donaldson
03. Lough Swilly Railway – Band
04. Hallelujah – Neil Byrne, Keith Harken, Hallelujah
05. Just Like Jesse James – Charley Bird
06. Hard To Say I’m Sorry – Keith Harkin
07. Bad Bad Leroy Brown – Ryan Kelly
08. Doo Wacka Doo – Paul Byrom
09. Amazing Grace – Neil, paul, George, Ryan, Keith and Damian
10. Hello Again  – George Donaldson
11. When You Wish Upon A Star  – Neil Byrne
12. Standing On The Corner – Damian McGinty
13. Surfer Medley – Keith Harkin
14. Sway – Paul Byrom
15. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Ryan Kelly
16. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – Paul, George, Ryan, Keith and Damian

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