Interview: The Faders

The Faders are a female DJ duo and have just released their debut album titled FUN! We had a chat with Milly and Sui about their journey so far:

How did you come up with the name, The Faders?

Well, not many people know this but we actually used to be called Bert & Ernie when we first started out! We’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who is that equation!!

When our DJ career started to take off we decided that Bert & Ernie wasn’t really going to cut it and so THE FADERS were born. When we first started DJing all we did was ‘fade’. We didn’t actually know how to DJ and we were all about awesome song selection and ‘fading’. Hence, THE FADERS!

What made you decide to become DJ’s?

We never actually set out to be DJs. A friend of ours was holding a night where random people who worked in either music, art or fashion came along with their music and friends and played a set. As mentioned above we actually didn’t know how to DJ but had a super F.U.N. time!

Another friend of ours Sean Ray aka Snob Scrilla came along that night and loved our tunes so he asked us to play at his album launch a few weeks later. Everything pretty much took off from there, we were asked to DJ the Absolut Pop-Up Bar for Fashion week which led to residencies at Kit & Kaboodle and theclub in Kings Cross. Sean ended up teaching us the basics and from that day we pretty much taught ourselves how to DJ.

And how did you get together as a duo?

We met five years ago when we both worked in marketing and PR at MTV in Sydney. We became good friends and bonded through our mutual love for 90’s rnb & hip hop. One of us was asked to DJ at the event mentioned above and wouldn’t do it without the other.

How would you describe your new album?

In one word F.U.N.! It’s the party before the party, a crazy house party that’s so much fun you don’t want to stop partying. Its all about the hits and songs that before you know it you find yourself singing along to!

the faders

What was it liked being signed to Universal Music?

It’s awesome! They have been super supportive from the beginning and encouraged us to be ourselves and be true to what THE FADERS are all about which is fun!

The deal also came along at a good time because we felt we had achieved all we could ourselves and needed something big to take us to the next level!

Do your personalities ever clash?

Not really. We’re the perfect balance of being the same but still have differences which complement each other. Pretty boring answer but its true!

Where’s the coolest place you have played?

The coolest place would have to be an Oakley party in London during the Olympics. It was an amazing experience just to be in London during the Games let alone DJ at a party for 3000 athletes.

What genres of music do you prefer?

We’re definitely all about rnb & hip hop!

Tell us about your fashion style…

Our style is pretty much the same, basic but we like nice things! You will often see us in an oversized tee with jeans, designer handbag and lots of fun accessories. We rarely get dressed up so if you see us in a dress you know it must be a special occasion.

Which singer or band would you most like to meet?

This one is easy! LIL WAYNE! We LOVE him!

What time did you go to bed last night (because I’m sure you were doing something amazing!?)

Well, we hate to disappoint but last night was an early one for both of us. A rare occasion but it has been good to have a couple of days downtime before a hectic weekend! We’re going to Red Bull X-Fighters at Cockatoo Island tomorrow. Super excited! We love boys on motorbikes.

What’s next for The Faders?

We’re about to embark on a tour to promote our album F.U.N. which is stores now! Stay tuned to our website for details – We’d also love to start producing our own music which is definitely on the horizon.

What does being a woman mean to you?

It means we can pretty much do whatever we want and have fun doing it! We also get to wear and own beautiful things. Who needs a Porsche when you can have an amazing handbag!

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