Interview: Skies Collide

Today we have Britt from Skies Collide with us. She spoke to us about the band and all that is new.

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Tell us about the name, Skies Collide…

When we first started and we were trying to conjure up band names, we were listening to a lot of music from a band called I See Stars. One of our favourite songs from them has the lyric “eyes collide” which then eventually morphed into Skies Collide.

Give us a quick rundown on each member of the group…

We have myself (Britt), I sing and I write the lyrics too, I’m also sometimes the mediator and the mum making sure everyone gets to practises and the rest. Liam is our lead guitarist and primary music writer. He’s also our manager and marketing extraordinaire; he is the reason the wheels turn behind the scene. Josh is our rhythm guitarist and all around goof and joker! He is shy until you get to know him then you can’t make him stop! Our newest member is our bassist Tevin who is Liam’s younger brother, though you wouldn’t know it given he is around a foot taller! He eats a lot!

How did it all start?

In it’s earliest form, Skies Collide started in 2012 when Liam and I were playing together in another band. We realised that band wasn’t for us and we wanted to start something new based more on our own influences and the music we like to write. From there we went on a Gumtree quest for members and after a few lineup changes, here we are!

You come from Brisbane, how would you describe the music scene there?

There’s a couple of really great venues that still run shows quite frequently, which is heartening considering the shift towards lockout laws lately. The All Ages scene is unfortunately pretty dire, as venue after venue is closed by councils. It’s pretty sad to think a lot of kids could miss out on the experience of going to shows altogether so we’re really hoping the disputes are resolved and these shows can continue.

How would you describe your sound?

We’re kind of an odd mash between pop rock and maybe metalcore? The easiest way we’ve been able to describe it is “heavy pop rock” We love our poppy melodies and groovy synth parts but we also love to throw in heavy guitars and drumming sometimes as well. We all listen to a lot of heavy bands so that influence always seems to peep through.

What is your song, “Come Alive” all about?

Come Alive is about toxic relationships, whether that be a love relationship or a friendship or any kind really. It’s having that moment of realisation where you understand that keeping that relationship is not going to work out any longer because it’s really only damaging you or holding you back. It’s about the process of moving away from those relationships and the process of accepting that it wasn’t meant to be.

Listen here:

What was it like making the video clip?

The video clip was a lot of fun to make! We had no ideas on how we wanted to visually present the song when we went to our videographer, so we put all our faith in him and we kind of just winged it on the day. We filmed it in a photography studio and just went crazy with any props we could find! It probably comes off kind of serious and calculated but it was honestly just ridiculous fun and we were laughing the whole time.

Where do you get your inspiration?

As the main songwriter, Liam gets inspired by other band’s songs that he thinks have been executed particularly well. He always wants to find out what makes these songs work the way they do by searching for patterns in the music. He then uses what he’s learned to mash up all of the different musical influences we have to make songs for Skies Collide. He’s really driven (as we all are) to escape the monotonous 9-5 life to do something we’re passionate about, so we’re motivated to work hard, learn the craft and keep going.
Lyrically, I’m inspired by whatever I’m feeling or going through at the time. I often find inspiration in things that are quite dark and moody even though I’m not really a negative person at all.

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Europe is definitely right up there on the list. The music scene over there just seems so vibrant and amazing! Plus there’s the bonus of so many beautiful places to visit.

What’s next for Skies Collide?

We have lots more music in the works that’s for sure, so keep an eye out for more announcements soon! We’re trying to organise some tour dates as well so hopefully we can get out there and play these new tunes!

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