Interview: Rachel Costanzo

Rachel Costanzo is a young Melbourne musician who is busy following her dreams and has just released her debut single, her EP is set to be released later this year. We spoke to Rachel about her life and career.

Can you tell us what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Ever since I was little I’ve just been soo interested in artists and different styles of music. I have never really been interested in anything else but music, so I decided to take music, performing, and writing songs seriously at the age of about 10 years old.

How do you juggle all your music commitments with school?

I guess I just manage my time quite well, and I make time for my music as well as work for school. I try to spend an even amount of time on music and school, but for some reason music just takes up most of my time!! I have no choice but to put my dream first.

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Your debut single Blindside has just been released, can you tell us a little about it?

The concept behind this song is basically how you weren’t looking for love… but it came out of nowhere and found you, it hit you from your blindside. I guess everyone can relate to my song in all different ways, because in life anything can hit you unexpectedly from your blindside.

You worked with Jordan Merry and Peter John on the video, can you tell us about the vision for the clip?

The vision for this clip was to make it fun and exciting, to make people smile. Blindside is a dance song so all the elements that shaped my film clip had huge influences from other famous artists. When watching my film clip, I want people to enter a new world of their own and experience something crazy. My film clip was based on me opening doors that led to new, unexpected worlds. As an artist, I want viewers to experience something new each time when listening to my songs.

How did you come to be working with Michael Paynter and Michael DeLorenzis at MSquared Productions?

I was in talks with a few mangers at the time and I was basically told that I needed to write a HIT POP song! I was told about Michael Paynter, and I ended up choosing to write with him because he understood who I am as an artist. We connect extremely well.

What inspires your songwriting?

Anything inspires me. If I’ve had a rough day I just sit down on my piano and let out everything I am feeling. If I hear about something that happened to someone or I’m feeling a certain way about something, I will start singing with the piano and normally they’ll turn into finished songs within an hour or two.

Can you tell us a little about the Hollywood Immersive program?

The Hollywood Immersive Program is a program aimed to get Australian-based artists out in the open over there and to be seen and heard by the best in the music industry. You get to perform and record in places the world’s biggest artists have performed at. It was a great adventure.

How did you become involved in the program and what can you share with us about the experience?

I contacted the lady that was in charge of the program, her name is ‘Lilly Dawson’. I then applied for the trip and was lucky enough to get a spot in the group. The Hollywood Immersive Program was an excellent way for me to get noticed in L.A. I had great feed back from the world renowned actress Eva Mendes. I also met some incredible people that work in the music industry over there. Everyday was a new experience and one I’ll never forget.

You have performances coming up at Australian Teenage Expo at the end of the month. How did you get involved with Australian Teenage Expo?

I first performed at Teen Expo last year. I performed in a little area that was for the ‘Hollywood Immersive Program’. This year I connected with them again to see if I was able to perform on the MAIN stage and they kindly enough said yes. I’ll be performing there on the 29th and 30th of August to roughly around 4,000 students from schools in Victoria and cannot wait!

Can you tell us a little about the Australian Teenage Expo?

The Australian Teen Expo’s aim is to get young teenagers aware of all the job opportunities out there when they leave school. It gives them ideas about what paths they can take for their careers. Teen Expo also gives you information on how to be safe in this crazy world and to respect everyone out there in the community.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman, to me, is about a focus on being human. It means embracing all aspects of who I am and always having the highest respect for myself.

Thanks for your time Rachel and good luck with your career.

To find out more about Rachel you can follow her on Facebook.

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