Interview: Peter Maslen (Boom Crash Opera)

Boom Crash Opera are an Australian band, originating in Melbourne, who have been around for decades. We were able to find out a little more about what’s been happening for the guys in this recent interview leading up to their national tour.

Hi Peter and Welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for talking to us
You have been making music together for many years, is there a secret to your longevity?

Not sure there’s a ‘secret’, but in Boom Crash Opera, if you boil the excess fat away, you’ll get a real friendship and that goes a l o n g way to keeping a band (or any group of people with a common interest) together.
Don’t get me wrong .. we ‘have issues’ with each other and that’s never going to change .. it’s much the same as how a family may deal with their internal relationships.
While I don’t like certain characteristics or traits in my fellow band members, I have (with the benefit of time) learned to let ‘stuff’ pass.
Some like apples, while others like oranges and we have to accept that in people we love.

With such a long career, what would you say has been your career highlight?

I’m STILL waiting. One thing doesn’t top the other. They’re all wrapped up together and I accept that the bad times are also the highlights.
Seriously, it’s all good .. I’m blessed, I get paid for something I deeply LOVE doing .. I never have to ‘work’!

Where does the songwriting inspiration come from?

Put simply – Life.

The Best Things – Greatest Hits album was released October 2013 and it contains two new songs. Can you tell us a little about them and how they came to be recorded now?

Much the same way as the process has always unfolded. An idea forms and that idea is seized and exploited.
This time, Greg O’Connor (Spock) had some narratives rolling around in his head. He told Peter Farnan and they sketched out the 2 x songs (‘I Am’ and ‘You Cant Stop the Sun’).
We hired a recording studio here in Melbourne and recorded the 2 drum tracks.
Peter et al, did the rest at home in his studio.

How was the tracklist for the Greatest Hits album selected?

We initially had the idea that it should be chronological .. but we went cold on that.
After some debate, we decided it should ebb and flow, much like a live set, so we chose as best we could, the perfect order for maximum ‘listening pleasure’.

Rattle It Out was also released in October 2013. It contains digital re-masters of the first three studio albums and a rarities disc, can you tell us a little about what we can expect from the rarities?

The rarities capture the band with our ‘pants down’ .. its a completely honest interpretation of the band at the time of recording.
The tracks range from unpolished, rough and ready to fully completed work.
Some of the tracks had been deemed ‘not good enough’ at the time and therefore should not go on an album.
All of the rarities on ‘The Lost Things’ are gems. Some are very seminal and show just how the band developed its sound.
It’s like looking at an old family movie and watching the kids growing up.

How long has it been since you last toured together?

We haven’t done a major tour since the mid 90’s.
However, we maintain a live profile, by choosing selective gigs that come up from time to time.

Boom Crash Opera 2014

What can audiences expect from the upcoming Boom Crash Opera tour?

-All the hits and some memories
-A snap-shot of the bands younger years!
-A kick butt, great live band!!!

What are you most looking forward to about being on tour?

-Playing music .. nothing has changed, we still LOVE it!!!
-Cheap restaurants
-Hanging with a great bunch of blokes

Can you tell us a little about what you’ve all been doing since we last heard from Boom Crash Opera?

-Dale Ryder performs around Melbourne with his band ‘The Dale Ryder Band’
-Greg O’Connor has a couple of businesses .. a graphic design business and a landscape design business.
-Peter Farnan writes, produces for theatre and movie soundtracks
-Ian Tilley is a very competent and highly sought after web designer.
-Me .. I just play drums. I also record and perform with ‘Mark Seymour and The Undertow’

At the conclusion of the national tour are there plans for more Boom Crash Opera offerings in the future?

There’s always an ‘idea’ floating around our camp, but we don’t tend to make plans too far into the future.
By doing that, we are mostly prioritising and protecting our main focus .. family!!

Thanks for your time and good luck with the tour.
Always a pleasure .. CheersX

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Saturday 22 February
Between The Bays Festival – Mooroduc, VIC
Tickets from

Sunday 2 March
Clipsal 500 w/- Keith Urban – Adelaide, SA
Tickets from

Saturday 8 March
Northcote Social Club – Melbourne, VIC
Tickets from

Ph: (03) 9489 3917

Sunday 9 March
Motor City Music Festival – Geelong, VIC
Tickets from

Saturday 22 March
A Day on the Green w/- Jimmy Barnes – Bimbadgen Hunter Valley, NSW
Tickets from

Friday 28 March
Lone Star Tavern – Gold Coast, QLD
Tickets from or
(07) 5572 2000

Saturday 29 March
Racehorse Hotel – Ipswich, QLD
Tickets from or
(07) 3282 1222

Sunday 30 March
A Day on the Green w/- Jimmy Barnes – Sirromet, QLD
Tickets from

Thursday 3 April
The Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW
Tickets from or
(02) 9550 3666

Friday 4 April
Terrey Hills Tavern, Sydney NSW
Tickets from or
Ph: (02) 9486 3343

Saturday 5 April
Taren Point Hotel, Sydney NSW
Tickets from or
(02) 9525 2879

Saturday 3 May
Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, Adelaide SA
Tickets from or
Ph: (08) 8340 0744

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