Interview: Natasha Leigh (Holby City)

Australian actress Natasha Leigh is in the UK for a role in Holby City, a favourite British medical drama that has been running since 1999. We were able to speak to Natasha about her career and her role, so keep an eye out for Natasha Leigh in episodes of Holby City on screens near you.

When did you know you wanted to go into acting?

When I was 13, my mum took me to see ‘Singing in the Rain’ & I danced my way out of the theatre absolutely Sold! I still aspire to the Old Hollywood Greats more so than modern actors & actresses.

What was your first role?

I started acting professionally with my first major role as ‘Patty’ in the US Hit ‘Aquamarine’ with Emma Roberts & pop singer ‘JoJo’ which was filmed in Queensland.

Natasha Leigh

You have had guest roles in some of Australia’s favourite prime time television shows, can you tell us a little about how it felt walking onto the set of Neighbours, such a long running and well known show?

It was a very similar feeling with Holby City. Any show which has been running for so long has to be smooth! Everyone was lovely & it felt a lot like a family. I would love to go back for some more fun!

Can you tell us a bit about working on Underbelly: The Golden Mile?

It was definitely the most fun I’ve had in a role to date. We did the strip show & had to rehearse the big performance number weeks before we shot it. Emma Booth & I got on soo well, I would always stay an extra few days with her after I flew up from Melbourne to film.

What prompted your move to the UK?

With me, I always go where the work is! I have travelled to the UK many times before & loved it, so when this role came up I jumped at it!

Have you done much sightseeing since you have been in the UK, and what landmark/tourist destination/historical site etc do you most want to visit?

Because I have been there a few times already, after filming I really just went back to my old favs like Borough Market, the Art Galleries & just walked the river Thames.

Natasha Leigh

Your first role on UK TV is in Holby City as Dr Lilah Birdwood, can you tell us about the character?

Lilah is a hugely talented student who is in the UK on a scholarship, having clawed her way up from an underprivileged background. She is determined to be a success in her new position, well aware that she’ll lose her sponsorship and have to go back to Australia if things don’t turn out well. With failure not an option for Lilah, her storyline explores just how far she will go to prove herself.

Do you share personality traits with Dr Birdwood?

She is a very passionate & intense character; so am I. She gets along easily with everyone & is very open & honest. I like to think we share these qualities!

Is your role on Holby City long term?

My role is for 8 episodes, so a semi-regular role. I have loved filming for the past 3 months & I will see what happens later down the track.

How do you spend your downtime?

I haven’t had ‘downtime’ for 4 months!! But usually it’s simply being with my friends & family! Because I travel a lot, there is always so much to catch up on.

Which actresses have inspired and influenced you in your career?

I admire the old Hollywood actresses! Vivien Leigh, Ava Gardner, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe .. their presence on screen is phenomenal because back then, they Had to! The studios pumped out so many high quality films every year, they were true professionals.

What does being a woman mean to you?

To me, being a woman is the greatest gift. I completely adore deepening as a woman & learning to be strong & present yet remaining open & vulnerable. It will be a life long journey & by looking at all the radiant women in my life already – I think it will be the most amazing journey!

Thank you so much for chatting with us Natasha, and good luck with Holby City.

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