Interview: Mike Joey (Forever)

Mikey Joey is the drummer for Forever, a band that began as a side project and has recently found its own life. I approached him to find out a little more about the band and what we could expect from them and this is what he had to say.

 How did you guys meet and form Forever?

I met Oresti met years ago when he had a band called Midseason going, I was their first drummer but we kinda lost touch for some reason, nothing bad we just lost touch, however when our paths met again Forever was born and we started collaborating, which was a good move. Then Oresti’s previous band ‘The Empire’ were auditioning bassists, Leigh, our bassist, auditioned and both he and Oresti hit it off, Oresti then asked Leigh if he wanted to join our band and that’s how Leigh fit into the picture, so before we knew it there was 3 and here we are.

What made you decide that now is the right time to focus on Forever rather than keeping it a side project?

Well I guess the only way to describe it is, it just felt right in our gut. We both had other semi successful projects going and we had to make the hard decisions that you sometimes have to make, were we going to go 100% with this or were we going to take the passengers seat and build slowly, so we took the wheel and went for it 100%.

How would you describe your style and your music?

Hard hitting melodic rock music. Not doof doof or Indie Pop Hipster rubbish going around these days. Haaaa well we’re over all that stuff over this end of the ship…clearly!!!

Your first single ‘Something For Nothing Like Diamonds For No-One’ was released recently, can you tell us a little about the song?

This was the very first song Oresti had shown me some 19 months ago. When I heard it we were at his mums house upstairs in his mini studio and he played it in demo form, I looked at Oresti and said “…Dude this is unbelievable…we gotta do something with it…” and he agreed, so we did. It’s a song which was inspired by a friend of Oresti’s who has a rare illness and it brings to life messages that even he felt once he heard of the news of his friend, like a re-evaluation of what you’re doing and what you’re supposed to be doing in your life. The song is about hope and about not just wasting your time here on earth which is so precious.

mike joey forever

What do you do to relax and unwind in your downtime?

No s**t, but in my downtime I like to go out and meet girls, I love women, I look at women and just think…….WOW amazing!!!… relaxes me heaps seeing nice women when I’m out and about talking to them or in their company, that’s what does it for me  personally!!! What else, oh even go away to Leigh’s (our bassist) beach house to catch some waves. Writing with the boys is relaxing most of the time too, so yeah………You really thought I was gonna say something boring like meditation or DVD’s didn’t you???? Nope.

Where does the song writing inspiration come from?

It’s hard to explain where it comes from, but I know when Oresti writes a song it could be 3 or 5am in the morning and he just has something in his head that he has to get out and onto paper or record it in his phone. Same goes for me, normally unfortunately it’s just before I fall asleep and I have to fight it so I can stay awake to record it. I think it’s something that comes from a feeling at that time at that moment. I remember one day we were walking out of a bank in the city of all places and Oresti started humming a melody into his phone whilst he was walking, and it’s OK for me because I know what’s going on but for bystanders they were like “…what the f*#@ is this guy up to…”, so in a way it just comes anyway, anywhere, anytime!!!

Do you have a process for song writing, and then getting the lyrics and music right?

Yeah absolutely, normally what happens is because Oresti comes up with so many song idea’s, he will come up with a melody and some lyrics at 3am and I’ll get a call or message saying “…man, you gotta come over, I wrote this song you gotta hear it…” so then I go over he plays it acoustically for me and we start to shape a demo, I’ll normally put a demo drum beat down in a program then we start to add harmonies, Leigh comes around and puts a bass riff down, then we trial and error things and eventually it starts to take shape and the song is born.

I believe you are about to start shooting your first music video, can you tell us anything about it?

This clip is by far the best thing that has happened to us to date. We are all so excited about it, because along the way we have been humbled by the belief and support by so many people who are on board with the clip to get it to a level which is, in my opinion, on another level. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag with it, but so far from what we have seen with the raw footage, it looks amazing and we can’t wait to show everyone.

Where did the idea for the video come from?

We always wanted to shoot a clip in an old looking church in the morning as the sun is coming through the lead light glass, with heaps of rays of light coming through etc, so I guess we certainly got what we asked for thanks to the people at Chapel Off Chapel who let us shoot our clip there. We also have a storyline or narrative to the clip which meshes really well with the Church footage, and feel of the song shot at another location. What I can say is the idea or story for the clip meshes reality with the content of the song almost exactly!!!

I happened to read that you are planning to tour in 2013, where are you hoping to take the tour? (Can I get excited yet, are you planning to get to Adelaide is what I’m really trying to get at)

Yeah we hope to tour by the start of 2013, we want to tour anywhere it’s well received, so if that means Radelaide, then so be it. Hoping all goes well with the clip and everyone loves it, we’ll do some shows here in Aus but we’ll be on a plane to the USA by, latest, mid next year to spread the love there. It’s important for us to get over to the States because as much as we want to stay here and play, we don’t think it would be a wise move long term, so we just want to spread our wings and get it out there to the world really!!!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Mike, love the new track and can’t wait to check out the film clip.

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