Interview: Mel Femia

Innovative, Passionate, Engaging with a pinch of Wit!

Born and bred on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Melissa has an unquenchable passion for life, music and doesn’t mind a few cheeky sweet and fruity cocktails! Melissa can be heard weeknights from 7pm hosting the “The Nova 19’s with Jabba and Mel”.

They countdown the hottest 19’s songs in Sydney sprinkled with talk back, interviews with the biggest local and international stars. When not in the studio Melissa is amongst the elements, surfing, snowboarding or maybe sweating it out in a ‘triangle’ yoga position! A Hippie and health freak at heart Melissa has just completed Certificate III & IV in Fitness and loves to inspire people.

“My listeners use me as a bit of an ‘Ask Melissa’ whether it’s about music, fitness or should I dump the love of my life!”

Melissa is described by her mates as a “pocket rocket” She’s backpacked through 19 countries, worked ski seasons both in Australia and Canada and will try almost anything once, “I’m petrified of heights”, despite this quote Mel sets her goals at exhilarating heights and has no hesitation in reaching for them.

mel femia

B&L: How did you get into radio?

Mel: My dreams of being in a rock band or a famous sports woman were shattered when I finally realised, well..I lacked a little talent in those areas! One thing I did have was the gift of the gab and I also love to write.

So while completing my Diploma in Journalism I pursued jobs in the media that involved me working in sports or music. First up I roamed the streets of Sydney broadcasting the words “Come and get your icy cold cans of drink” Yes I drove the promotional cars for a radio station, I also worked for an extreme sports TV show Planet X.

However as I got more involved in radio I soon became obsessed with presenting and everything else radio had to offer.

B&L: How would you describe your fashion style?

Mel: Individual and expressive! I was the girl at school who refused to conform to anything (a rebel with a cause) especially when it came to fashion.

This often meant altering my uniform on a daily basis and spending many an afternoon in detention proving it! These days I suppose my style is a cross between beach chic meets rock chic mixed with my mood.. Oh and what ever I can find lying on my bedroom floor!

B&L: What’s the best thing about your job?

Mel: I love to inspire and entertain people and I have the opportunity to do this every single day. Not to mention speak to local and international musicians and celebs, give away amazing prizes all while listening to a few super funky tunes.. And the best bit is it doesn’t matter if I’m having a bad hair day, cause no one can see me!

B&L: Did you always want to be in radio?

Mel: From the moment I got behind the mic and panel (even though I had know Idea how to use it) at my first radio gig many years ago, I knew I had found the place where I could combine all my passions into one..

B&L: How do you like to spend your days off?

Mel: I’m very active and love the outdoors so like every morning the first thing I do is head to Dee Why beach for a run and swim (yes even in winter) Then meet up with friends for lunch, maybe slip in a yoga class, then head home and prepare for a night out on the town.

B&L: What is one thing people don’t know about you?

Mel: I’m obsessed with Brazilian Bikini’s, I have 32 pairs and no savings account as a result! Oh and I have a burning desire to race Formula 1 cars.

B&L: Do you ever get nervous knowing so many people are listening?

Mel: No I’ve never really suffered from nerves and if they ever happen to rear their ugly head I have a little saying “talk yourself into it rather than out of it” practice this little mantra you can really accomplish anything!

B&L: What is your favourite song right now?

Mel: “Destination Calabria” it’s a club track by a guy called Alex G, featuring Crystal Waters.. It’s kinda got a Euro trash feel and reminds me of many a party night while backpacking through Europe a few years ago.

B&L: Who was your favourite celebrity when you were growing up?

Mel: Madonna! I had every tape, CD and video she ever brought out. I’d learn all her dances from her film clips and then torture my brothers and their mates after school with my shows, actually come to think of it, it was only my brothers that complained..Hhhhmm?

B&L: What is next for Melissa Femia?

Mel: That’s a good question, I’m very goal orientated and have just reached a point in my life where the goals of the past seven years have been achieved!

I very much want to stay in radio and would love to spread my wings into other areas of the media that involve my passions of music, health the environment and most of all inspiring people of all walks.

B&L: Name 3 beauty products you couldn’t live without.

Mel: Three things I use religiously are:

Megan Gales Tinted Invisible Zinc, I make sure I apply it every morning before heading to the beach for my workout..I swear this sunscreen is bullet proof!

Stilla Sheer Colour, it’s like a tinted moisturiser that gives you the best sunkissed glow eva, perfect if you happen to bump into the man of your dreams, which by the way..AM WAITING???

And the number one thing I can’t live without is Coconut Body Butter from the Body Shop, it’s honestly like a rub on holiday in the tropics. Alluring and guys love it!

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Mel: Think about it, Woman can give birth to life. (While men suck it out of us!) No seriously what an amazingly beautiful, selfless, courageous, empowering, mystifying and loving thing to be able to do.. Create life and I believe if we are designed amongst many things to be able to do that we can do anything. I love being a woman.

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