Interview: Lizzy Lovette

Lizzy is one of the youngest personalities in Australia to successfully juggle both Television and Radio hosting roles simultaneously.

She is currently heard on Sydney’s NOVA 96.9 12-4pm weekdays, and seen co-hosting 7’s ECLIPSE MUSIC TV while also appearing on 7’s Children’s Quiz show “IT’S ACADEMIC”.

This month we caught up with her for a girly chat.


B&L: What do you love most about radio?

Lizzy: So much! I love the fact I get to combine so many of my passions daily in my job – all things entertainment, music, meeting and talking with new people, while working in a live medium which is very fast paced and exciting – Radio Rocks! Meeting celebrities is always interesting as often the character they are in person, is very different than their public persona.


B&L: Do you dress up for work at Nova, even though no one can see you?

Lizzy: Not if I can avoid it! Especially when I did night radio I was nicknamed the “Trackie Dack Queen” – matching velour ensembles of course! But now that I am on air at Nova 12-4pm weekdays, I am often filming beforehand, or have meetings after – so have no choice but to look respectable.

B&L: Was it your dream to be a celebrity?

Lizzy: No, not at all. I just was hoping to do what I loved for a living – which is to perform…and talk!!!! I am very chatty! Although I have worked damn hard for it, I feel very lucky to be doing what I do for a living – it’s the BEST!!!!!I don’t know many people who can say they get excited and love to go to work everyday…

B&L: Do you have any advice for females who want to get into the industry?

Lizzy: Just work as hard as you can! Always be over prepared, don’t give up, go the extra mile, and because the media industry is so volatile and competitive, I think it’s great to have done extra study – I completed a Media Degree, and Postgraduate Degree in Journalism before starting in Radio and Tv. I was lucky enough to do lots of unpaid work experience while at uni too, which was great as well. But my motto is to always do my best- if you do that you can’t do anymore!

B&L: What is your favourite movie?

Lizzy: It’s a toss up between Dirty Dancing and Beaches!!! How tragic!!!!

B&L: I heard you are a girly girl, what is your favourite fashion item right now?

Lizzy: I am loving Steven Shein necklaces. I spotted Mischa Barton wearing one and had to have it for myself (I am such a copycat!) They are so bright and fun and twinkley! – especially great for summer.

B&L: Do people recognise you in the street?

Lizzy: Yes – Sometimes…I often get strange looks and double takes!….it’s weird when it happens!

B&L: What is the weirdest thing a fan has asked you? I always get the predictable –

Lizzy: Do you love it? – because of my surname! It sounds very rude, but is always funny!

B&L: What are the 3 must have items you need in your handbag?

Gloss – an essential – I have so many pink glosses I can’t count them – my favourites are Mac Lip glasses and lustre glasses
2. Credit card for shopping of course!
3. My new Motorola Gold Dolce Gabbana Phone so I am always contactable.

B&L: What’s next for Lizzy Lovette?

Lizzy: I am very excited to be cast as a semi regular panellist on the new Channel 7 Entertainment show “You May Be Right’ hosted by Todd McKenney which will soon be on Sunday nights at 7.30! Check it out!

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Lizzy: It’s funny, despite the fact I do work in a male dominated workplace, gender has never come into the picture for me. I love being a woman – I have always been such a girl – a lover of pink, barbies, ponies, dancing, makeup, fashion, bags, shoes…yes…Clearly I couldn’t cope being male!!!!!

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