Interview: Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan’s trio ELIXIR will be releasing their second album, First Seed Ripening on August 5th 2011. The band consists of Katie singing vocals, her husband Zac Hurren on the saxophone and and Melbourne-based Stephen Magnusson on the guitar.

The trio create beautiful folk / jazz music together and each member is extremely talented making this album set to be a hit. We were lucky enough to interview the lovely Katie Noonan, and here is what she had to say:

Your trio ELIXIR has been together for 14 years, what has it been like working together for so long?

I created the band Elixir 14 years ago as I felt I needed a musical environment that was gentle and intimate and more acoustic, less amplified.

Since Stephen Magnusson joined the band 6 years ago, my husband Zac and I have been fuelled with fresh inspiration to write new music and this has recently culminated in our new album First Seed Ripening.

How would you describe ELIXIR’s second album, First Seed Ripening?

I hope it is a gentle, relaxing and intimate journey to a quiet place where you can escape the frantic pace and noise of modern life.

katie nonnan

What is the title all about?

My relationship with my poet muse, Thomas Shapcott, started when Zac and I were expecting our first baby so it was a very very special time in our lives. So the lyrics of that song and the subsequent album title relate directly to that.

Also interestingly I wrote this song with a friend of mine in mind and the day we premiered the song for the first time in Melbourne was the day she gave birth to her son!

Also, I like the symbology of the fact that this album is the first seed – musically speaking of course – of the garden of music we will sow as a band together!

Who would this album appeal to?

Hmmm I don’t know, hopefully lovers of unique music that is intended to make you feel good, soothe your worries and make you feel connected to yourself and each other.

How would you categorize your music style?

Very eclectic but overall  I am obsessed with trying to sound unique. There are many many imitators in the music industry and I guess my main thing is I really try and sound like myself – as do Stephen and Zac, my collaborators in this band. For that reason this band feels like a trio of true equals, who are quite different independently but somehow we work together!

This album I would describe as gentle, intimate folk and jazz inspired music.


Where do you get your inspiration?

From my children and my husband, my friends, nature and other artists I admire.

You will be touring later this year, what is it like going on the road?

I love the connectivity of touring – sharing music with strangers in a way that brings you close without knowing each other – that is a very special thing.

Do you prefer trackies or a dress?

Ohh that is very the moment as I am typing this response at 2800 feet altitude  ( the mountain where I live) and it is quite cold so I am definitely going to say TRACKIES! But I do love to frock up!

What can you tell us about the ELIXIR First Bloom fragrance that you will be launching?

Well it is very exciting as I have never been a perfume muse before! I met Nadia from Alkoomie about a year ago when I was in Perth performing and she invited me to be the muse for her new perfume inspired by our new record – very exciting!!!

(ALKOOMIE perfume house, is an Australian boutique, organic fragrance house who prides itself on  gently coaxing a flowers essence by steam distillation. Blended in bespoke, artisan batches to ensure   quality and purity of each and every perfume.

Who is the crazy one in the group?

Definitely my husband Zac although we are all a little on the left of the middle!

What is one thing we wouldn’t know about Katie Noonan?

I only got my license a couple of years ago? A late bloomer!

What other Australian singers or groups are your favourites right now?

Boy and Bear, Clare Bowditch, Kyu, Brous, Emma Louise, Elana Stone, Brian Campeau, Stu Hunter, Declan Kelly.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Ahh well, my main blessing is my ability to make a life inside me, I feel so lucky I get to experience that in this lifetime. Being a woman means being strong, nurturing, fierce and gentle all rolled into one.

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