Interview: Kaarin Fairfax (StalkHer)

Kaarin Fairfax is a talented Australian actress about to return to the big screen in StalkHer with John Jarrett, fans of Wolf Creek will be happy to know he finally gets his come uppance. In the lead up to their preview screenings tour we managed to find out a little more about Kaarin, her career and the movie.

Hi Kaarin and welcome to Beauty and Lace, thanks for talking to us.

Your new film is StalkHer, can you tell us a little about it?
StalkHer is a tale of two individuals, their pasts have affected their futures. StalkHer is a story of passion, and we all know that Passion is complicated.
The strap line for this film says He Chased her until she caught him. It’s payback time.

How did you come to be involved with the project?

John Jarratt approached me and asked if I wanted to be part of the project.

Your career has been prolific, what’s been the highlight?

I have loved so many moments in my career. I loved Starstruck, I loved The Last Outlaw where I first worked with John I loved One Night the Moon and I totally loved making StalkHer.

10_STALKHER - Kaarin Fairfax (Emily) and John Jarratt (Jack) - Emily and Jack and the quiet before the storm

Speaking of a prolific and varied career, what drew you to StalkHer? What made you want the part?

A strong female lead who’s into boxercise, baking and bondage…bring it on!

As well as starring you co-directed with your leading man, how does directing change the way you inhabit your character?

It can be tricky. Thankfully we had a 2 week rehearsal period before we began so we ironed out any glitches during that time. When I was on the floor as Emily I was happy for no other distractions.

Leading up to the premiere you are touring Australia with John Jarratt, what will the tour entail?

We are going to many regional cities which is fun. We get to experience superb people who love cinema and are really behind promoting Australian Film. We follow the sessions with a karaoke sing along with whomever wants to hang around with us. It’s fun!

What are you looking forward to most on the tour?

Supporting the Cinema owners who are supporting the filmmakers who want to make stuff that is a little oddball.

How does a film taking place largely in one room compare to making a movie with lots of location shots? Both as an actor and a director?

The challenge of one room is to keep it interesting. I certainly worked out for each scene that I am in a different part of the kitchen. On the up side we shot in the Gold Coast Studios and we could make the film in 20 days. Often bigger location setups and variety of place can mean it will take longer to complete your movie, thus more cost incurred.

What’s next for Kaarin Fairfax?

I have just completed work on a film called ‘what time is my heart.’ I have a couple of features and two short films on the go so I am one happy mumma.

Thanks for your time and good luck with the release and the tour.
Thank you. x

Official release is August 27th but if you would like to head out to see a preview screening near you check out this page for a list of participating cinemas: StalkHer – Cinema Locations. Tickets are available from the cinema website or at the cinema on the night.

For more about StalkHer and the preview screenings tour you can head to: StalkHer IMDB, StalkHer Official Website, StalkHer Facebook, StalkHer Twitter, StalkHer Instagram, StalkHer Youtube.

For more about Kaarin you can head to her IMDB Profile.

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