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Since winning Masterchef in 2009, Julie Goodwin has become a household name in Australia, not only for her cooking but for her warm, bubbly personality and dedication to her family.

What you might not know about Julie is that she has previously worked as a singer, and this Christmas you can get a piece of her in your own home with the new CD “Christmas with Julie Goodwin”.

Packed with all your favourite Christmas carols, you can pick up a copy exclusively from Woolworths stores from December 3rd 2010. The lovely Julie took some time out from her busy schedule to chat with Beauty and Lace:

julie goodwin

What has life been like since winning Masterchef in 2009?

Exciting and very busy, I keep pinching myself to make sure it is all real. We (myself and my family) have experienced so many wonderful things that we may never have had the opportunity to do and I just love that now I get make a career out of things that I am so passionate about.

You have a Christmas CD out, how did this come about?

It started off as a bit of fun with Autograph clothing who I am an ambassador for, they wanted to create something special to give to their customers at Christmas, so they thought of a Christmas Carols CD and I half joking said I would love to sing on it, so we thought we would give it a go.

Then we thought perhaps this was a good opportunity to raise some money for a charity so we decided to release it for sale and donate 50% of my proceeds.

What came first, the singer or the chef?

The singer actually, I used to sing in the choir when I was at school but it wasn’t until Mick and I were married that I discovered my love for cooking

Tell us a little bit about your cookbook, ‘Our Family Table’…

Our Family Table is a collection of close friends and families favourite recipes. It was such a joy to write, I contacted all our relatives and friends and asked them to tell me about their fondest food memories, the stories I heard were everything from hilarious to reminiscent and so the book became even more important to me as I felt I was recording a little piece of everyone’s history.

What do your family think of your fame?

I am so lucky, my boys and family take everything in their stride, they are proud of me and encourage me to keep achieving my goals.

How do you keep a good family / work balance?

It’s tough but we are no different to any other Australian family. You have to be organised and you have to be prepared, we block off special days and plan time together and I am lucky that when things get busy and I need to be somewhere else that we have an amazing network of family and friends to help out.

What will Julie Goodwin be serving for Christmas lunch this year?

Christmas Eve is a more traditional roast for us but Christmas Day is about joyful mayhem, there will be plenty of ham, seafood and salads, everything that is easy to prepare and means maximum time with the family.

You are a regular on channel 9’s the Today show, do you get nervous before a segment?

Yes and no, I am used to it now and very comfortable with the crew but you can never tell what is going to happen on live TV and sometimes that can be unnerving.

We had a segment where the electric beater was broken and when I turned it on it spread blended butter and sugar all over the studio, it was hilarious and of course Karl decided to make matters worse by doing it again. There was sticky cake mixture everywhere, all over the camera, all over the crew and of course all over Karl.

What are the hosts Karl and Lisa like in person?

They are lovely, everyone in front and behind the camera is great. It’s such a fun place to work, they are all professionals and take their roles very seriously but there is always time for a laugh.

Half the profits from your album sales are going to St Vincent De Paul Society, what made you choose this charity in particular?

St Vincent De Paul Society is something that is very close to my heart, I volunteered there in my teens and 20s and it was there I met Mick (my husband).

They work so hard to bring some comfort to Australian families in need all year round, so when we discussed a charity to donate money to at Christmas, they were a natural choice.

What do you feel has been your biggest achievement in life so far?

In the whole of my life? My marriage, my children, and our community involvement.

What has been the funniest thing a fan has ever said to you?

MY GOD!! You’re actually quite pretty.

What does being a mother mean to you?

That’s tough to answer in an interview….it’s the heart of my existence…it means that there are people who depend on me to be capable and carry on even when I don’t feel like it.

It means there are people who I can teach, whatever it is I have to teach. It means there are inherently wise little people that I can learn from, every day. It means there are people who just love me warts and all. It means there are people who are obliged to laugh at my jokes and like my cooking.

It means that Mick and I have an exclusively interesting topic to talk about. It means that I am surrounded by my best friends, the funniest and most charming people I know. It means I will spend every day of my life being grateful for the gift of being a mother.

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  1. What a great interview. Got my CD today and played it. It’s got some of my favourite Christmas songs on it and it was wonderful to hear someone singing them, not on over-orchestrated, over-produced effect. Have a great Christmas, Julie.

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