Interview: Jasmine Rae

At just twenty years old, Jasmine Rae is a brand new talent with a very exciting future, following her huge win at the 2008 Telstra Road To Tamworth in January.

She’s quirky, she’s funny, she’s fresh and, even though she’s small in stature, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter, Jasmine Rae has a powerful, classically-trained voice that is hugely impressive.

jasmine rae

This month we asked Jasmine more about herself and her music:

B&L: How would you describe your music?

Jasmine: Always challenging for an artist … Other than just boasting “it’s great!” it’s definitely pop-country. But each song has a different ingredient added to it, with just a pinch of rock here, and soulful blues there. When it’s all mixed together, it makes a wonderful tasting … sound?!

B&L: What was it like winning the 2008 Telstra Road to Tamworth?

Jasmine: Jaw dropping! There were close to 1000 contestants from all around Australia who entered and put their heart and soul into their performances. I was honoured to win and it’s been totally exciting and inspiring ever since – in fact, life-changing!

B&L: How did you get interested in country music?

Jasmine: My parents put the Dolly Parton Compilation album into the CD player. I was the one who never let them take it out! I was always singing it and trying to convert my friends at school into loving country music as well.

The stories that are told, the way the songs feel complete, the strong vocals – that’s what drives my passion.

B&L: Who are your music inspirations?

Jasmine: Dolly, of course!…and Shania Twain. I love everything about them both and their attitudes are the key. Kasey Chambers, of course, is another artist who has influenced my songwriting and I love the way The Dixie Chicks have reinvented themselves for a whole new generation.

Other artist influences include Missy Higgins, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Gretchen Wilson, Tori Amos, The Waifs … the list goes on. I think all artists I’ve listened to have influenced me in some way and I love that.

jasmine rae

B&L: What is one thing we wouldn’t know about you?

Jasmine: Hi, my name is Jasmine Rae and I’m a chocoholic!

B&L: What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Jasmine: Being able to make this album has been an incredible experience for me, but seeing it on the shelves has been a dream come true!

A less obvious achievement is being able to let go of some of my excuses for being scared. If I can do this, I can do anything!! Girl Power!!

B&L: Have you always wanted a career in the music industry?

Jasmine: I’ve always wanted to write and record songs, make videos and perform all over the country in front of lots of people! Check, check, check! I am pretty lucky!

B&L: What was it like recording your debut album “Look it Up”?

Jasmine: Wow! Liberating and so inspiring to work with fabulous producers, songwriters and musicians both here and in Nashville.

B&L: How do you like to spend your days off?

Jasmine: Depends on the weather – I live in Melbourne and you never know what to expect. I love catching up with friends, hitting the gym, running, or disappearing into a good book.
I like trying new things too! But let’s not get too far into that right now …?

B&L: What does your beauty routine consist of?

Jasmine: I never go to bed without washing my face! I use the Pro Active system and most of the time it works for me! If I want my hair to look special, I wash it and put a conditioning mousse on it overnight. If it looks a little scary spice in the morning, I fix up the odd curls that have a mind of their own with a hair iron. Oh, and I love liquid eyeliner and a little dark eye shadow on the edges of my eyes. I’m set for the day!!

B&L: What’s next for Jasmine Rae?

Jasmine: The new video clip for “Look it Up” can be seen on CMC (Country Music Channel) very soon! Hooray, and for the rest of ’08, I’m a guest artist for the Telstra Road to Tamworth.

Lots more travelling and gigs in the schedule, which is great! I’ll be doing some more writing, and hopefully, becoming a better guitar player over the next few months. (I’ve just started learning  … God, I Love it! Why didn’t I pick up the guitar sooner??)

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Jasmine: Everything! Freedom! Being a woman is a gift. I’m thankful everyday.

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