Interview: Drawn From Bees

Hot Brisbane band Drawn From Bees are having a big year, set to get bigger! The new single is out in a couple of weeks and the band are working hard to get the album finished. To top off a great year there’s a national tour kicking off soon and it hasn’t been that long they’ve been back from the international tour.

With all of this going on there was still a little time to answer some questions for us, let us get to know them a little better. And it seems when they make it to Adelaide it’s my shout for coffee… sounds good to me, there’s never too much coffee and I know a great place guys!

B&L: How did you all meet and form Drawn From Bees?

Drawn from Bees grew out of the ashes of an entirely different band we were in a few years ago. We started the band with a very clear idea about what we wanted and why we were creating Drawn from Bees. We knew we felt limited by the genres and limitations we’d had in the past and we wanted to start a band where no matter what styles or sounds we explored it would all make sense as a whole. Drawn from the Bees was about creating a project that would be very pliable, ambitious and not limited to one style or genre of music.

B&L: Where did the name come from?

Our singer stole the quote form Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest.

Drawn From Bees

B&L:How would you describe your sound?

Progressive rock particularly influenced by the 1970’s era of approach to record making with a lot of vocal harmony and experimental guitar sounds.

B&L: What has been the most exciting moment of your career to date?

We were invited to play at MuseExpo in Los Angeles at the Whisky A Go Go. We stood and played on the very same floor board that Jim Morrison stood on the night The Doors were signed to Electra. The same floor boards that Axl & Slash and all of Motely Crue rose to fame on.

The Whisky is serious music history and we got to play on the same stage and among locals like Philadelphia Grand Jury and Birds of Tokyo. It doesn’t get better than that. Oh hang on, we also played The Bowery Ballroom in New York City in March with Something for Kate, Little Birdie and The Jezebels that was amazing too. The Bowery is such a great old concert hall. I cant decide between both of those but they were the two best nights of my life undoubtedly!

B&L: Can you share one little known fact about each of you that we wouldn’t know?

Matt our drummer is quite a Soccer fanatic. Stew has been a University lecturer and still is sometimes. Dan records and develops a lot of up and coming Brisbane bands and is working with some stupidly talented kids and Raven sometimes disappears into the hills to do ten day silent Buddhist mediation retreats.

B&L: Your new single ‘Of Walls and Teeth’ is due out on August 26th, what can you tell us about it.

I am really excited about that track. Dan (vox) had been working on it in the studio and we came in and he had this amazing piece with absurd amounts of layers of vocal melodies on it. The band started working on it and Stew & Matt (bass and drums) came up with what I think is one of their coolest rhythm parts yet – totally Led Zeppelin & Cream influenced. I played some open guitar chords over the top and kept is simple as the base of the song came together really quickly and felt great. It was one of those songs we all just started vibing off straight away in the studio. The song’s content is about arguing for the sole sake of wanting to win or be right rather than to understand the perspective of other people more. I think it will hit people with an immediacy that is going to be really exciting to see in our live shows.

B&L: Before we move on from there, I have to ask, what inspired the cover image for this single?

I’m not sure, we’ve been working with the same artist, Craig Amos, for years. He has done all our album covers and we are really big fans of his work. He is really creative and every time we give him a suggestion about what we’d like he comes up with something totally different that blows us away. He is highly creative. My guess would be its something to do with the psychology behind the song but I would have to ask Craig…in the meantime lets just assume what I think is right. Right?

B&L: Can you share a little about the forthcoming album ‘The May King and His Paper Crown’ with us?

We have over half the album completely finished and about 30 ideas we have to condense down into a couple of songs. The album is going to have the same philosophy and approach that the iconic bands of the 1970’s had. Writing with the whole album in mind not just singles and B sides. It’s going to be a pretty expansive album and the songs we have are nothing close to what we’ve done in the past. Collectively we feel like we’ve had a break though with this one and are creating the kind of sounds we’ve always aimed at. I don’t think the band’s ever been more excited.

B&L: Where is the most exciting place your music has taken you?

New York City. Its one of my favorite places on planet Earth and is a must see for anyone interested in traveling. The city is amazing – all ethnic and social groups are represented in that city you can experience some amazing things there. Plus there’s Squirrels in Central park! Squirrels!

B&L: You have recently returned from touring Internationally, when can we see you playing Australian shows?

Pretty darn soon! We’re doing a National Tour for the single Of Walls & Teeth in September and October and are all counting down the days. There’s a lot of press happening now about it so you’ll find the dates on the interweb. It’s been about a year since we toured Australia and we are fortunate to be playing with some great bands in great venues all around the country. Plus we will be road testing some of our new material from the album which I cant wait for.

B&L: What is next for Drawn from Bees?

Aside from finishing our album I have no idea. That is part of the thrill of being in a touring band!

B&L: What does being Australian mean to you?

Living in the most beautiful place on Earth that I have an obligation to protect for future generations so they too can enjoy our unique and very surreal country. Proving to the world that in one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world that we can live peacefully, happily, without prejudice and fear mongering and leave a better place for future generations.

B&L: Thank you guys for your time, it was great to chat with you.

No problems. Nice talking with you. Next time the coffee is on you!

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