Interview: Celeste Clabburn (The Sunny Cowgirls)

The Sunny Cowgirls are sisters Celeste and Sophie Clabburn. They are energetic and enthusiastic Golden Guitar nominees, one of Australia’s favourite Country music acts and they have made it to Number 3 on the ARIA Country Music Charts.
2013 is set to be a stellar year for the girls and May will see them tour SA so we thought we’d try to get to know them a little better.

Hi Celeste, and welcome to Beauty and Lace.

When did you know you wanted to make music together?

We’ve been singing and playing together since we were little girls, so it wasn’t really a conscious decision – just something that we’ve always done and something that happened very naturally.

Where did the name come from?

We grew up on a farm in Western VIC , and it was called “Sunninghill”. When we moved to WA and started a band, we were very young and just thought – “let’s be called The Sunny Cowgirls!!”

How did you get your start in the music industry?

In 2005 we both attended the Country Music College which is held in Tamworth every year. It was there that we met Adam Brand and his record company…they liked our music and what we were about and it all started from there!

Can you tell us a little about your latest album ‘What We Do’?

We feel like this album is the most honest album we’ve ever made. We wrote all the songs on it, and put a lot of time and energy into the songwriting and pre-production.

You recorded much of the album in Nashville, can you tell us about the experience?

It was something totally different for us! Going to a different country with a project that is very close to your heart is a little daunting! But it’s great to be thrown out of your comfort zone sometimes and I think it all paid off in the end.


Where does your songwriting inspiration come from?

Just real life experiences – I find it easiest to write about topics and subjects that I know. Writing from the heart is definitely the best way to go for me and I try to be as honest as possible. I live on a sheep property in Victoria so I guess a lot of my songs come from day to day jobs!

Have you got a favourite track on the album?

Not really, they’re all like kids to me!

You are currently out on tour to promote the album, what can we expect from a live show?

We’ve got a great band coming with us, a brand new album and a fresh show! We’re all really excited and it feels great to finally be playing the new songs!! We’ve also got Golden Guitar winner Chelsea Basham hitting the road with us so look out!

When and where can we catch you in S.A.?

Friday 24th May – Old Mill Handorf
Saturday 25th May – Norwood Live
Sunday 26th – Old Clarendon Inn.

Have you got a favourite venue to play?

We love playing in SA!!! Especially because we don’t get there very often, we always really look forward to getting back there. The crowds are always so enthusiastic and we love trying the great SA food and wine as well!!

What’s next for the Sunny Cowgirls?

Touring is on the cards for the rest of the year, which will keep us busy! After that, we are always trying to come up with new ideas and different angles – so who knows! We’ll keep you posted.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being strong, independent, capable and feminine.

Thanks for your time Celeste, and good luck with the tour.

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