Interview: Carissa Walford – (Channel [V] Presenter)

Carissa Walford has recently joined the Channel [V] team as a presenter. While settling into her new role she took some time out to chat with Beauty and Lace, find out what she had to say in this quirky interview:

Tell us a little bit about your new role with Channel V..

I’m the new,  well not so new now, Channel [V] presenter. I’m on the pulse of all things music news and pop culture!

Dancing, singing, modelling and now presenting, you have done them all – what do you love most?

Singing is my passion and hobby, but TV presenting is fun and I love being in front of the camera and being able to hang out with my favourite artists and bring music news as it happens to the viewers.

Carissa Walford
I hear you have a love of fitness, can you tell us how you keep in shape?

You heard wrong  I think! (Laughs) I have to work out, but  I don’t like to by any means. But I do love sport so get me doing a dance class or a game of touch footy to distract from the fact that I’m actually working out and it’s perfect!

You aren’t just a pretty face, you have a strong work ethic – how do you stay grounded?

I grew up in the suburbs, and everyone is grounded out there! (Laughs) But seriously I surround myself with good people and I generally can’t put up with the fake pretentious types and let me tell you I can see them coming from a mile away!

Where would readers previously know you from?

“ Attack of the show’ and “websoup” on Fuel TV, presenting on Fashion TV Australia, singing in bars or modelling pics on the back of buses! A few places, I guess…

When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?

A singer! The next Tina Arena!

Fave beauty products?

Olay SPF30 and MAC lavender spray, Stila foundation and blush. The best bronzer in the world is in fact Thin Lizzy.. and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been in a TVC for them – but it out does the rest!

Who would you most like to interview and why?

KANYE WEST.. because he is my idol and the best thing to come out of the music industry, in terms of hip hop music anyway.

OK, Channel V is all about the music, I’ll put you on the spot and ask for your favourite band / singer of ALL time…

Tina Arena for my favourite Aussie singer.

Tell us a secret…

No! (Laughs)

What’s next for Carissa Walford?

Dinner then straight to bed..


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