Interview: Brian Canham (Pseudo Echo)

Recently we posted about the upcoming Pseudo Echo National Tour and in the wake of that news and the Suddenly Silently single release we were able to find out a little more from Pseudo Echo frontman Brian Canham. Some interesting little snippets of info that I was unaware of.

This year is your 30th Anniversary, can you tell us a little about why you’ve chosen now to come back?

Well we’ve actually been touring on and off since we re-formed in 1998, though it wasn’t until recently I was happy with the line up and finally made the decision to record a brand new song (two actually), and then the national tour.

What can you tell us about what you have been doing since the Pseudo Echo hey-day?

I pretty much went straight into producing music for other artists ie- Chocolate Starfish, Chantoozies, Taxiride, etc and that is still something I do today. I spent a lot of the 90’s producing jingles too.  Also in the 90’s I formed a band (Brill) with current Pseuds drummer Darren Danielson, and then in 2000’s with current Pseuds keyboard player Ben Grayson we formed Origene… and had some great success both here and around the world.  More recently, apart from still producing bands (eg Red Ink), I finally realized a life long dream and scored the music to a feature film “Charlie Bonnet” (soon to be released).

Pseudo Echo couch

The new single has just been released, what can you tell us about Suddenly Silently?

It was a song Ben Grayson and I wrote, originally to go on Pseudo Echo’s “Teleporter” album back in the early 2000’s, but ended up being the debut single for Origene, sung by Matilda White. When Ben and I reunited recently we felt lyrically and musically it would make sense to re-record it and finally release it as the new Pseudo Echo single. It is about the realization of something that has been there all along, and suddenly it becomes perfectly clear and wonderful.

The national tour has just kicked off, what can we expect form the live shows?

All the classics faithfully reproduced, as well as a few new surprises…and a really enthusiastic attitude and performance from the whole band.

Will fans get to hear Funky Town played live?  

You bet!  We extend it…and jam it out a lot…and get the audience to really interact with what we do with it.

(Now this sounds like a lot of fun)

You are playing smaller venues this tour but I imagine you played much larger venues in the 80’s. Which do you prefer arena shows or smaller veues?

There’s a lot of pressure associated with concert size venues, and it can swing either way very easily and unpredictably.

The venues on this tour are perfect for us and the audience – ie keeping us connected and not just playing to specs in the dark… It’s a great feeling seeing the faces of the crowd close and right there with you.. Also sonically it’s much more rewarding in a medium sized venue..

What’s next for Pseudo Echo?

More new music, a new album is on the cards… A new chapter…

All sounds very positive and exciting, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us Brian.

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