Interview: Bree Amer

Bree Amer began her television career when she was a contestant on Big Brother in 2004. Proving to be popular, she was the first housemate to have been incorrectly evicted from the house. There had been a miscount and Bree was put back in.

Since then Bree has continued to be a part of Big Brother, being a co-host of “Friday Night Live” and the new show “Friday Night Download.”

Bree is a positive role model for young women, with her friendly and down to earth personality as well as her good looks, she is the complete package.

bree amer

B&L: What do you like most about television?

Bree: It’s great to just chill out and be able to sit down, watch your favourite show and completely switch off for a while!

B&L: So what is it like working with Fitzy and Mike?

Bree: People say you should never work with children or animals… I think I do both. Mike is the child and Fitzy is the animal… (laughs). No, they are great fun. We have lots of laughs at work and we all get along great! I think that’s why the shows work so well.

B&L: Your hair and makeup always look fabulous, what products do you use?

Bree: I mainly use MAC make up; I also love Stila eye shadows and Nars!

As for my hair I use Schwarzkopf professional shampoo and conditioner and have a great personal hair dresser, Carol Haddad who looks after all of us on BB (Big Brother)!

B&L: After a series of Big Brother ends, many of the entrants are no longer famous, was it difficult getting to where you are now?

Bree: It was a mix of hard work and luck! It’s been a long road to be excepted as anything but a house mate but I am happy where I am at now.

B&L: Tell us about the Australian Thyroid Foundation and why you choose to support it?

Bree: I support them because they are a great foundation raising awareness for thyroid cancer and disease. I had thyroid cancer this time last year so really it’s an obvious choice!

B&L: How did you and Bodie get together?

Bree: We got along really well at the BB finale, and after that we spent a month racking up the worlds biggest phone bills, then finally met up for a week together in Sydney. We get along great and crack each other up! He’s a great guy. I’m very happy!

B&L: We love how you are such a genuine, Aussie girl, how have you managed to stay so down to earth?

Bree: Oh god.. I don’t know. I feel exactly the same person as I did 4 years ago! I think you can choose whether or not to stay grounded. I have the same fabulous friends I have always had and they’re good at pulling me into line! (laughs).

B&L: How would you describe fashion in the Gold Coast?

Bree: Terrible…. there really isn’t any. There is such a big difference when you go to Sydney or Melbourne! The shopping is just better and more variety there. Plus it’s so hot up here its sarongs and bikini’s all the way!

B&L: What will you be wearing this Summer? Do you have a favourite label/designer?

Bree: I love my Sass and Bide overall shorts, I also love Tsubi stuff..

B&L: What 3 beauty products would we find in your handbag?

Bree: MAC concealer, MAC Lustreglass lip gloss and my Chanel Mademoiselle perfume.

B&L: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you?

Bree: Can you please send me a photo of your feet?

B&L: Favourite music right now?

Bree: Kate miller Heidke

B&L: Where would we find you on a Saturday night?

Bree: Usually at Bodie’s club Baroq in Melbourne.

B&L: Are you excited about the changes for the new season of Big Brother?

Bree: Yes… and slightly scared… it’ll be interesting that’s for sure. I definitely think it needed a change of some sort, and I love Kyle so it should be a fun season!

B&L: What’s next for Bree Amer?

Bree: Lots of stuff hopefully! I have a few photo shoots coming up and more recording of Friday night download. A trip to Perth with Bodie next month and then after Christmas we will be getting into another series of BB! Exciting times!

B&L: What does being a woman mean to you?

Bree: I love being a woman; it means strength, glamour, great friends, sexiness and love for family!

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