Interview: Anthony Salce (The Hiding)

Melbourne group The Hiding are an indie electro-pop act with a brand new single in Karma My Life and we found out a little more about them in this interview.

Hi Anthony, welcome to Beauty and Lace. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
How did you meet and form the band?

The Hiding was created from a previous line-up during the summer of 2010. Some of the original members went to high school together and the remaining members were formed through friendships gained throughout the music industry. I guess that’s the amazing thing about the music scene, is the amount of people you meet and friendships you form.

Where does the name come from?

We took some time off in 2010 to re-create a new sound more honest to us, a sound that portrayed where we were at both musically/socially and emotionally in life. Once this was found imbedded into our new sound/look etc, as we were searching for names and we wanted a title that you couldn’t pick the genre by solely the name. We wanted some mystery to it. As we had been “Hiding” whilst finding the sound, we thought that suited us going forward.

Can you tell us a little about the new single Karma My Life?

Of course we can. This is probably one of my proudest songs to date. I guess before we located to NYC, I was flat, not happy with where I was at in life. I had the great support of friends and family albeit the harsh truth was I just couldn’t get out of this rut. Lyric “My rainbow ain’t got no pot of gold, walk under ladders feeling all the bad luck” described the fact I was feeling like I was a magnet for bad luck.

When my life took a turn for the positive was when I met someone and life started looking up “Throwing salt over the back of my shirt” described the good luck fortune coming my way.

From this is where Karma my life was born. The celebration of good fortune and wishing that upon anyone. Lyric- “Bon Fire Nights, Bon Fire Lights” is the celebration of positive Karma.

The video was made in collaboration with Fatmir Mura, what made you want to work with him?

I wanted a clip that was as honest as the lyrics could be. Not Hiding (see what I did there) behind any special effects, and complementing my lyrical work with a sand artist was exactly what I wanted. I stumbled over his work on youtube and FB. For those who need an artist he was great to work with.

Can you tell us a little about the video?

The video is a short story of images describing the story line and emotion within the song. I think Fatmir captures the emotion extremely well.

How would you describe your sound?

In this song – Electro/acoustic pop with a percussive guitar influence.

The Hiding

What is your career highlight to date?

I have a few –

1) Touring USA and showcasing at CMJ music festival in NYC
2) Support act for Steel Panther in LA
3) A reference and letter of recommendation from Ian Molly Meldrum
4) A sold out show at The Forum in Melbourne Supporting NZ band and friends Six60

You spent some time in New York, how do you think that helped hone your craft?

The inspiration you get in such a big city was amazing. The buskers we saw were A GRADE talent that was so inspiring. I saw a busker artist perform a large free show in Central Park called Passenger. He toured with Ed Sheeran. That was what made me want to pick up an acoustic guitar again. I just needed to jump out of my comfort zone and see what I could achieve.

It was at this stage I started searching guitar teachers and found on youtube Maneli Jamal an amazing acoustic guitar player from Canada, who started teaching me on skype. He also helped get me sponsorship with Cole Clark “Angel” guitar which is what I recorded Karma My Life with.

It was an amazing experience. We set base in Crown Heights, a suburb in Brooklyn. Every day was an adventure, from being attacked in the subway, to rooftop parties, it all played a role that I cherish dearly. Arriving home we really wanted to use a producer that would test our boundaries. Ryan Ritchie did just that. From song working sessions in the city, to re-writes of chords and progressions, I am thankful he worked on these tracks with us.

There are some shows coming up in Victoria, what can audiences expect in a live show?

A fun live show with our usual banter. Some new and old songs with an electro feel. Less of the traditional full band you would expect at The Hiding’ shows and more electro chilled vibe.

What’s next for The Hiding?

We are working on a publishing deal that will hopefully lead to some USA and UK insertions in film and TV.
Two more singles for 2016 to be released after Karma My Life. With your help, make all singles go viral and tour to our new friends and supporters.

You can follow The Hiding on: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud.

You can still head out to see The Hiding

Saturday 21 May
Tickets available at the door

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