House of Anubis: House of Secrets (Season 1, Volume 1)

Starring : Alex Sawyer, Jade Ramsey and Nathalia Ramos, Tasie Dhanraj, Brad Kavanagh
Running Time : 317 minutes ( 30 episodes, approx 10 minutes each)
Release Date :  Season 1, Volume 1 – out on DVD now
Foxtel: On Nickelodeon (Channel 701) Weekdays at 5.30pm & 5.45pm (double episodes)

Set in an English Boarding School, the very day Nina (Ramos) arrives at the school from America, another student disappears. Told by teachers and staff that she has simply gone home to her parents and does not wish to be contacted by anyone, everyone except her best friend Patricia (Ramsey) believes the tale and focuses on their new arrival.

Eventually, Patricia convinces their friends all is not right with Joy’s disappearance and this leads to even more mysteries and puzzles as the plot thickens and twists and turns from episode to episode. There are connections to treasure, treasure maps, Tutankhamen, the Eye of Horace, Ankhs, all very ancient symbolic stuff which will keep the teens enthralled.

Just as the mystery unravels a little, another twist is thrown in and it ravels back even tighter. Each episode ends with a mini cliff hanger as the kids delve deeper and deeper into the murky depths of the mysterious disappearance.

Of course, when I say murky I mean Nickelodeon age appropriate murky so it’s all very tame murky. Nonetheless, the series is engaging and fun if a little over the top initially with all the Harry Potter and Twilight references.


The acting was atrocious to begin with but as time when on and the young people settled into their characters, they improved so much it was amazing. The production value is very amateurish but my kids didn’t seem to notice or care.

To be honest, I did not sit down and watch each and every episode. However, my kids did. I had asked them to sit down with me and give it a look as I am clearly not Nickelodeon’s target demographic. They complained and rolled their eyes as they texted, Facebooked and did whatever it is they do on their phones.

Then when the first disc ended, there was the question ’Is that it? Is there another disc mum? ‘ Hmmmm When the second disc ended, they googled right away if there was a Volume 2 DVD out yet and complained bitterly that they would have to wait for the end of this season and that Foxtel was already half way through Season 2. And it wasn’t just the pretty girls.

I think that just about says it all. Not so interesting for Flick but the Flick Teens loved it!

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