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Simple Plan are back with their 4th studio album, a return to the high energy pumping poppy sounds of their first two albums. Their sound has been  categorised as pop punk, new-punk, punk rock revivalist and Atlantic marketing material has described the band’s style as having “classic punk energy and modern pop sonics”.

All terms which are evocative of the Simple Plan sound, though they don’t fully encompass what you will find on a Simple Plan album.

The tracks on Get Your Heart On are musically diverse which is always a great thing, you can put it one repeat and listen to it through a few times without it all beginning to sound the same.

Get Your Heart On includes the high energy beats that will have you putting the album on repeat until you’ve learned the words and can belt out the chorus along with the boys.

get your heart on

There is also the piano ballad ‘Gone Too Soon’ which is emotionally driven and sure to have you reminiscing about everyone who has gone too soon, sure to touch the core of your heart. A very powerful piano ballad that you can still rock to and would be perfect to crank and belt out the words (I would actually REALLY love to do this right now except it’s late at night and I have a sleeping baby in the house).

Not to forget the Reggae influenced ‘Summer Paradise’. This is a light hearted mood lifter, perfectly placed on the album – directly after ‘Gone Too Soon’.

Simple Plan albums are a great party album because the sounds differ and the diversity adds that element of catering to different moods and different personalities.

Get Your Heart On is the second Simple Plan album to feature collaborations, after their debut album featured Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte. Here we see Simple Plan featuring Natasha Bedingfield on Jet Lag, Rivers Cuomo on Can’t Keep My Hands Off You, Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low on Freaking Me Out and K’naan on Summer Paradise.

Lyrically this album has stretched Simple Plan with highlights like Jet Lag about long distance relationships and how emotionally draining they can be, and Astronaut about feeling isolated and yearning for someone to ‘get you’.

BUT the groundbreaking track on this album would have to be ‘This Song Saved My Life’ for the unusual way in which it was written. The band wanted to write a song about the emotional power music can have in a persons life and capture the essence of the thousands of pieces of fan mail they receive every month from all across the world expressing what Simple Plan music has meant to them.

As Bouvier tells it: “These letters are pretty overwhelming and humbling at the same time so we wanted to somehow pay homage to those fans. We were sitting there going, ‘I don’t know, what do you think they would say?’ and Chuck says, ‘Why don’t we just ask them?'” The following message was posted on Comeau’s Twitter feed: “We decided to write a song about you guys…Can you tell me how our music has made you feel through the years?”

“Within seconds, the responses started coming in,” Comeau recalls, still marveling at the moment. “It was a deluge, like a hurricane of answers.” Based on those Tweets, Bouvier and Comeau constructed what is perhaps the first song ever written entirely via Twitter: the poignant album closer “This Song Saved My Life.” “Every word is taken from the hundreds of messages we got from our fans,” Comeau says.

This song is a tribute to the loyal fans who have been with them through the years. The band Tweeted an invite to sing on the track and 25 loyal fans from all over the world arrived at a studio in Vancouver to sing. It is a touching and inspiring song which I found had even more impact after I found the story of how it was written, which is why I felt the need to include it here.

Get Your Heart On is awesome anthemic Simple Plan at their best, an album I’m sure will find plenty of airplay in my house.

Track Listing

You Suck At Love
Can’t Keep My Hands Off You (Feat. Rivers Cuomo)
Jet Lag (Feat. Natasha Bedingfield)
Loser Of The Year
Anywhere Else But Here
Freaking Me Out (Feat. Alex Gaskarth)
Summer Paradise (Feat. K’naan)
Gone Too Soon
Last One Standing
This Song Saved My Life

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