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The Flinstones are a prehistoric family featuring quite prominently in my childhoods television viewing, a family I grew to love and am happy to watch repeated even now.

I have just been watching this video and discovered some interesting facts of which I had been unaware, and I love learning new things so I thought I would share some of them with you. Not all of them mind you, because then you wouldn’t have to watch the video – and I think you should watch the video. So let’s aim for just enough trivia to capture your attention and compel you to watch.

The Flinstones first graced screens on September 30th 1960 and ran for six seasons. That right there is I think the fact that I found the hardest to process. It seems like there were millions of episodes, how can it possibly be just six seasons? That’s the beauty of timeless repeats I guess because unlike newer animated series there aren’t any Flinstones episodes that feel like I’ve seen them over and over.

If not for a copyright claim from an existing strip The Flinstones may still be known today as The Flagstones. I can’t imagine them as anything but The Flinstones so I’m glad of the change.

The Flinstones was the first animated series to have a single storyline for each program, until then animated programs consisted of multiple segments.

This show was always intended for the entire family but the ads were not suitable for children, an example of this is the promo segment at the end of the episodes that promoted the shows primary sponsor – Winston Cigarettes. The show was refocused for to children and re-broadcast by NBC.


The Flinstones launched a multi million dollar merchandising machine which released hundreds of branded items every year from breakfast cereals and children’s vitamins to toys of many descriptions.

The franchise has also lead to several animated specials and movies as well as two live action Hollywood movies.

It seems there may still be life in these prehistoric fossils yet but if you want to know more you will have to watch the video to get the details.



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  1. ooh fun facts!!
    I now have a huge urge to watch the flinstones…. {ashamed to admit it but i really really really love the flinstones movie too}

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