Flick’s 5 Reasons Why It’s OK to Crush on Zac

Flick’s 5 Reasons Why It’s OK to Crush on Zac

1. He’s all grown up…..but not to grown up to forget why he’s here.

Sure we might remember him from the juggernaut that was the High School Musical trilogy but Zac is 24 years old now. He is not a boy. He is a man. He is on the cover of Men’s Health. Men’s Health….not Dolly or Seventeen but Men’s Health. Good enough for us.

Zac says “And man, you should see the faces on the kids. It’s priceless, and I don’t look down on, or think badly about, the High School Musical films. I have no regrets at all. I’m extremely proud of those movies, and will be forever.”

2. He’s a great singer and dancer.

High School Musical, even if you are not a fan or are simply sick of it due to the over-hype a few years ago, showcases Zac’s singing and dancing talents. And have you seen Hairspray? A more mature movie and that boy can move! He also busts a few moves during the closing credits of New Year’s Eve. And we all know what they say about a man who can dance…

Zac says “I grew up being into sports and I wasn’t trained to move my body in the right way for dancing. I’m the last one to get any moves correct. In rehearsals it’s always, ‘OK, one more take for Zac.”

new years eve

3. He kisses Michelle Pfeiffer in New Years Eve.

And it was his idea. If you haven’t seen New Year’s Eve (you can read my review a few pages over) Michelle is most certainly not a glamourous woman in this movie. Yeah, yeah it IS Michelle Pfeiffer and it was just a kiss but even so, you have to be just a little jealous of Michelle ummm I mean admire the man for wanting to take it that step further.

Zac says “I wasnt a heartthrob at school, I was a geek. I was a gawky 17 year-old. A lanky, skinny, awkward kid.”

4. He is ridiculously good looking.

Like him, hate him or meh him, you cannot deny his movie idol good looks. Lush hair falling just so over his face, a really gorgeous grin and those eyes…my goodness *fans self* He has also bulked up a little lately. He gained about 9 kilos for his role in The Lucky One. Now is the time for you to Google the pics. You won’t be sorry.

Zac says “In the back of my mind, I can never forget this could be gone tomorrow – and at this point I think the odds are against me… the chances of succeeding in this business are slim to none; there’s only a handful of people that have long careers. You have to put in the work, you can never be satisfied, never take it for granted.”

5. He is proving himself to be quite a solid actor.

He has moved on from the song and dance stuff and is starting to tackle more dramatic and mature roles. Sure he hasn’t set the world on fire and he doesn’t have a huge catalogue of film credits behind him but he is only 24 and it seems to me he is challenging himself and building a solid foundation. He has leading man written all over him.

Zac says “I’m very competitive by nature. And I like to be the underdog – It’s the best way to win. To come from behind and win is a great feeling!”

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