Family Weekend Exclusive to Video on Demand and Digital HD

It seems that technology is moving us further into the digital age and the days of straight to DVD movies may be numbered. Footprint Features bring Family Weekend to the small screen on January 1st 2014 with it released exclusively to Video on Demand and Digital HD.

Family Weekend has a star studded cast including Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth, High School Musical’s Olesya Rulin, Matthew Modine of The Dark Knight Rises, Joey King and Shirley Jones. The movie is directed by Benjamin Epps, written by Matt K. Turner and produced by Adam Saunders and Chris Aronoff.

Getting the family together may not be easy but that doesn’t mean it won’t be hilarious. Family Weekend sees the incredibly motivated Emily Smith-Dungy, played by Olesya Rulin, frustrated at the lack of support from her parents.

family weekend

The final straw comes when they miss her big jump-roping competition and she decides something has to be done to restore the balance at home.

Mum, Chenoweth, is a career focused business executive and Dad, played my Modine, is a happy go lucky artist not bothered about earning a living. Emily and her slightly wacky siblings unite in a crazy plan to take their parents hostage hoping to become a ‘family’ again.

Family Weekend is an hilarious comic adventure to occupy the family this summer holidays though do keep in mind that it has an M rating for sexual references, drug use and coarse language – this could be expected if we are talking kidnapping and a hostage situation.

Running Time 1:45mins.

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