EP Review: Better Than That – Lakyn

Lakyn Heperi had built a YouTube following before coming to the attention of the country as a contestant on The Voice. He has been a busy young man in the time since the show working on his debut EP with Evermore’s Dann Hume.

The EP contains 4 original tracks written by Lakyn and a cover of the Cutting Crew’s I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight that gives his own original perspective on the track.

Better Than That is pure Lakyn, honest and genuine, with tracks he wrote that mean a lot to him and showcase his talent lyrically, vocally and on the guitar. The inclusion of Cutting Crew classic I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight was simply to see if he could infuse it with new feeling.

This is the beginning for Lakyn, who has recently toured in support of Evermore and The Voice winner Karise Eden. His journey began well before The Voice but his time on the show has certainly taught him many valuable lessons and helped to move his career to the next level.

Quite an emotional EP filled with heartfelt lyrics and melodies that are sure to touch many of his fans. It contains messages important for all of us to take on board and was a much more enjoyable listen than I was expecting.

Track Listing

01. Don’t Tell Me
02. With The Water
03. Better Than That
04. (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight
05. Cold Winters Breeze

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