EP Review: 1991- Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is a 21 year old Harlem rapper making a name for herself in the industry. 2011 saw her top NME’s “Cool List” and she was nominated for the Sound of 2012 where she finished up 3rd.

The EP suffered some delays from the original release date in April but finally saw it’s release in the UK on May 28th and then digitally on May 29.

Azealia Banks has been compared to L’il Kim and Missy Elliott, both of whom have very big shoes to fill. If she even gets halfway to the potential she is showing Azealia Banks is definitely going to be a performer to watch.

azealia banks 1991

1991 is an EP that you could dance to, it’s got a great beat and lyrics that you can involve yourself in. There is a bit of profanity, which is becoming much more mainstream these days, but it seems to flow with the lyrics and it took me a couple of listens through before I even picked up on it – that could also because I swear so I don’t necessarily hear it.

The tracks on this EP have undeniable energy but at the same time they have quite a flow and almost seem mellow – laidback more than frenetic.

1991 has been received relatively well with critics, receiving some high praise and the lead single 212 has charted in Europe and America.

Track Listing:

Van Vogue
212 (featuring Lazy Jay)

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