DVD Review: The Royal Jewels

For lovers of history, for admirers of EXTREMELY fine and expensive jewellery, for monarchists the world over – this is going to be a documentary to watch.

The Royal Jewels is a 2 part documentary that is about so much more than just the jewels, this is a comprehensive history of the Royal families of Europe over the past centuries.

The narrator sounds, well like a narrator I guess. It’s very much a history lesson, let’s just put it that way.  He is exactly that, a narrator, and you never see him but that is totally eclipsed by the wealth of royal women who quite candidly share their own experiences and memories of these breathtaking, priceless pieces of jewellery.


I think it’s reasonably safe to say that, for most people in our part of the world, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is the most widely known royal featured in this documentary. She is featured quite prominently and we get an in-depth understanding of her feelings about the jewellery she has inherited and the strong family traditions involved in all of these pieces.

Rare archival footage, artistic images and interviews tell an extremely fascinating tale of Royal Families, estates, and relations.

What is actually sticking in my mind is that generally we see the public persona, the public appearance that members of Royal Families present to the world and this documentary films them sitting casually speaking with the narrator. There are Princesses in jeans and very understated jewellery, that’s something that you don’t often see.

To learn the history behind the priceless, and ever evolving tiaras and their ‘set’, to learn the story of the Princesses and Queens whom they have adorned. All of the history that they have seen and been a part of – this is the documentary to watch.

I have to admit, this DVD was a lot more interesting than I had expected it to be. The 2nd part of the documentary features interviews with Princes and their experiences and memories associated with these jewels and that it always nice for the balance.

To see the archival footage, the castles, the portraits and the early photographs of the Royal Families going about their duties wearing these priceless jewels is enough to capture some attention so if the story isn’t of interest it would still be worth running the DVD just to check out the images.

One thought on “DVD Review: The Royal Jewels

  1. You got to watch this? Well &$%@! LOL I’m a Royal Jewels Forums junkie. Well all Royalty really but I won’t go off topic.

    Queen Mary of England is fierce with her rows and rows and rows of diamond necklaces. And I covet a particluar piece owned by Princess Lillian of Sweden *sighs* I hope this DVD featured the Midnight diadem made just for Princess Mary of Denmark……gorgeous, I want that one too 😉

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