DVD Release: I Am Number Four

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In the growing trend of books popular with young people being translated to the big screen, I Am Number Four, the first from the intended six-book series, is available on DVD and Blu-ray on July 6.

15-year-old John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is one of nine uniquely gifted survivors on earth after his home planet was taken over by creatures call Mogodorians.  Three have been killed – he is number four.  His protector is Henri (Timothy Olyphant) and they’re constantly on the move using several aliases.

They then settle in a small town called Paradise and John attends the local high school.  He befriends conspiracy nerd Sam (Callan McAuliffe) and shares a mutual attraction with Sarah (Glee’s Dianna Argon).  Being tormented by her football-star ex-boyfriend Mark (Jake Abel) leads John into danger and the development of his powers.

Produced by Michael Bay, this is a B-grade sci-fi action movie for teenagers that I found enjoyable.  It is silly, but because the actors take their roles seriously, I was on their side and they bring enough charm and humour.  Alex Pettyfer is undeniably handsome and his American accent is convincing.

Timothy Olyphant is impressive and that’s because his character has more sense than anyone in the movie.  Dianna Argon is gorgeous to watch and the Aussie actor Callan McAuliffe makes a likeable high school nerd.  They’re all talented.

The alien subplot involving John’s glowing hands and the other surviving Numbers is intriguing but underdeveloped.  It tends to rush because the movie seems is more invested in the love story.  I was intrigued by this other world and I wanted to learn more.  The ending is left open for a sequel and I’m excited to see where it goes.

While the love story is cliché obvious, there are plenty of surprising elements involving a dog and some occurring supporting characters.  The special effects are irresistibly fun and makes up for the camp of the bad guys.  The climatic battle at the end which is set in the high school is a shocking and monstrous display of special effects, monsters, blood, destruction, and awesome action.

The DVD comes available with bloopers and a short feature on Aussie actress Teresa Palmer, who plays the hot but tough warrior Number 6.  We get a good behind-the-scenes look at the physical training and fight rehearsals she underwent and her personal experience on acting against special effects.  This should interest young Aussies who dream about making it into Hollywood.

I Am Number Four might be junk, but I got into the spirit of it more than I did with Twilight.

3.5/5 stars

That is what our reviewer, Richard, thought, now it’s your turn to have your say! We have two I Am Number Four packs to give away, each containing a  Blu-ray Value Pack of the film which contains both a DVD and Blu-ray (RRP $49.95), as well as a copy of the book I Am Number Four (RRP $19.95).

For your chance to win comment below answering the following question – “If you have seen I Am Number Four what did you think, and if you haven’t, what makes you want to see it?”

A few T&Cs: Please include your email address so we can contact you if you are the winner. Australian residents only. Competition expires midnight, 5th August 2011 AEST. Prize not transferable and judges decision is final.

68 thoughts on “DVD Release: I Am Number Four

  1. I haven’t seen I am Number 4 yet, but I’m keen to give it a watch and see what I think because sometimes one persons junk film is another persons cult movie and there’s a good chance I’ll be that person.

  2. I love alien movies and I’d love to see ‘I Am Number Four’. I don’t care whether movies about aliens are good or bad. I just enjoy seeing what new aliens and alien cultures have been invented.

  3. I haven’t watched the movie I Am Number Four yet. I will but I’ll wait for the movie on DVD. I love movies, they’re a great way to relax, learn, excite, mesmerise, and tune out. I want to see this movie because I really like Dianna Agron from Glee and it would be good to see her transition from the small screen to the big blockbuster screen.

  4. I am number 4. Havn’t seen this movie yet, am a bit unsure , as my favourite movie is Close encounters of the third kind. want to compare, and who knows might have another alien favourite!!!

  5. I really enjoyed this film- it was a good one to watch with girl friends- (amazing eye candy with Alex Pettyfer anyone??)…the film actually turned out to be entertaining too though with plenty of drama and action- Loved Timothy Olyphants character 🙂

  6. I’d love to see this as I like a good sci-fi, action, thriller! I’d love to have a movie night and break out the popcorn!

  7. I loved I AM NUMBER 4, but I usually enjoy most sci-fi alien movies. And a bit of love action didn’t hurt either.My teenage daughter loved the character John Smith, while I loved Tim Oliphant’s character and the blood and guts fight at the end.

  8. Movie critics are so judgemental when reviewing a movie which is not to their taste. I love sci fi movies and even though I have not seen the movie, the plot is intriging enough and who doesn’t love fighting monsters in your school! By the way I am Number 8 🙂

  9. I’m sick of hearing my friends rave about it. I want to see what I missed out on. Nothing worse than being the only one not in the know!!

  10. I love si-fi/Alien movies and it kills me that I couldn’t see this on the big screen. It looked awesome in the previews & I’ve been ignoring all my friends comments and try-hard reviews so I can judge it for myself.

  11. I haven’t seen I Am Number Four but I will. At the moment I am completing a bucket list and watching one movie every day for a year is something I am on target to achieve…it’s fun and fascinating choosing a movie every day. I’d love to see this because there is a strong connection for me – Teresa Palmer is from my home town and I live in a suburb which has the same name as the movie is set in!

  12. I’m curious to see the latest in (Alien?) movies they have come up with. Always looking for a great sci-fi action movie to recommend to friends, and the book is a bonus. (As they are normally better then the movie?

  13. I fell in love with numbers when I was introduced to Sesame Street as a kid. Unfortunately due to a childhood illness I only ever met Numbers One, Two and Three. Meeting Number Four would be fantastic!

  14. I saw it and loved it, hope they bring out a second movie. It had a good story line as well as some good actors. Happy to watch it over and over again.

  15. Great movie. The storyline gets you in and then you are drawn in by the characters. Alex Pettyfer as John Smith (such a generalised human name) plays the part of Number 4 brilliantly and they even have time for a little romance too with Diana Agron as Sarah Hart, John’s love interest. Great ending and can’t wait for the sequal.

  16. Great movie, I love these Supernatural types of movies and it’s a little bit different to the norm. It’s not gory, just a good clean movie that keeps you on the edge

  17. No, I haven’t seen this – I actually want to win it for a teenager I love who would find it a hoot!

  18. Although I haven’t seen this yet, I would love to win it and give it to my 16-yr-old niece. It would be a great way to get some ‘coolness’ points onto my status; she currently calls me the “boring aunty.” maybe this will change her tune!

  19. I haven’t watched ‘I am number four’ yet.but I really want to because I love (alien) movies like this and it has two of my favorite celebrities; Alex Pettyfer and Diana Argon.

  20. What a GREAT movie! I SO want to see this. Very well written, fantastic graphics and the story line is AMAZING!!! The love story set around action and drama. Awesome! Grab some popcorn and I’ll watch. Hope to see another follow on movie after it. 😉

    Thanks for a great review on, I Am Number Four, Richard!

  21. I would love to sit down with my kids one night and watch this movie. Experience the special effects, the suspense and climax of all the action. I think I would probably enjoy it just as much, if not more than my 12 and 10 yr olds!!

  22. I have not seen I Am Number 4 yet, but it looks like a great sci fi movie and something that I am really into. The previews remind me of Heroes, and I loved that show

  23. looking forward to watching this with my kids, wish it was at the movies but small screen viewing gets us closer to the characters and action!!

  24. I cant wait to see I am number 4 because it reminds me a little bit of my favourite series dark angel that was shut down early. Ive only just got into sci fi movies and this one looks like it could win me over 😉

  25. I haven’t seen it .. YET! but it sounds great!
    Sounds like a movie that drags you into it and is totally enjoyable!

  26. I loved this movie – it was the best sci fi dvd in a long time. It has mystery, special effects, creepy bad guys, sweet teenage love, the great timothy olyphant and good looking central characters with interesting things to say. Love the aussie factor. Number six rocks and I’d love to see more of her story. This is shaping up to be a series of epic battles of good vs evil with number 4, 6 and the remaining 4 characters we haven’t met yet, but know they’re going to be amazing with fantastic special abilities which will blow our minds. Can number 4 save his people and get back to the girl he loves? Can’t wait to find out how he does it.

  27. I have seen the movie and loved it. I found it very entertaining and it keep me interested right till the end.
    It’s got good action without the gore and I would love to watch it again. I thought it was so good I will
    probably buy the DVD.

  28. I have not seen the movie, but it sounds like a cool plot and a different movie to the usual rom-com’s I watch!!

  29. I saw the movie at the cinemas with my partner, we both thoroughly enjoyed the film…brilliant combination of action and drama.

  30. Haven’t seen the film and haven’t read the book. Not a good showing for a secondary school Teacher-librarian. I love sci-fi stuff and this seem like it would be great. Need to catch up with what my students are interested in so winning this would be great.

  31. I saw the movie – loved it and can’t wait to see more as they come out. I would love to read the book as they always have more detail than the movie.

  32. I’m an English teacher and I love comparing the print and film versions of texts, so I always get excited when I hear of a novel being transformed into a film. Bring it on…

  33. I wish to watch I Am Number 4 because all similar story lines like this interest me; I like the special powers and supernatural themes, even if they can be lame at times. Also I’m an Alex Pettyfer fan 🙂

  34. I would love to see it because of the cast and also movies like I Am Number Four interest me and I really enjoy them.

  35. I haven’t seen this movie, but what makes me want to see it, is the fact that,” Yes” it’s another alien/monster movie. Realistically, who doesn’t love to watch a supernatural movie. It seems to have a good story to it and to me, it does want to drag me into the film. I think it would make a great movie to watch with friends over some popcorn and chips on a Saturday night.

  36. I have seen the movie and I enjoyed it from start to finish. Alex Pettyfer was a great lead actor. He was strong and likable. Dianna Agron’s character was an individual, and helped John throughout the movie. My favourite character was by far was played by Aussie Teresa Palmer. WHAT A BAD-ASS.
    The special effects were brilliant, the filming locations and sets were great too.
    I loved the movie because it had everything a good movie has – comedy, suspense, action, romance, scares and great acting.
    I can’t wait to see it again, and hopefully own it on DVD so I can watch it over and over again, with my friends too!

    My rating – 10/10!

  37. I enjoyed i am number 4, it was different but good. it had a little romance but plenty of action and girls rule!! lol.

  38. I saw I Am Number Four, after reading the book. In terms of a book adaptation, it wasn’t exactly true to the novel in all respects, but that’s the fun of a movie interpretation, right? Once you stop picking out the discrepancies and start enjoying the film, its romance, action and humour, you quickly realise that this is a fun film. If in the finale third, you feel a plateau coming on, don’t. Because Teresa Palmer arrives to steal the show. Overall, it’s a little cliche, a bit predictable and not completely unforgettable, but a bit of fun and action. Do read the book before you see the movie, though. Much more enthralling.

  39. I have only just seen I am Number 4 and thought the special effects were great, and leaves it open for a sequel. Hopefully that will be as good as the first.

  40. I haven’t seen it yet but plan to watch it this weekend! I think Dianna Agron is great and I think it will be a movie that both myself and my partner will enjoy it, which will be great as it is usually difficult for us to find a movie in a genre we both like.

  41. I havent seen it yet, but i thought the ads on tv were really interesting, i just never got the time to go to the movies 🙁

  42. My opinion on sci-fi is usually contrary to others (often in a good way)… so I just really wanna see it for myself & decide. Think of all the films that had bad reviews but have come to cult standing like Rocky Horror Picture Show! The plot sounds kinda interesting, don’t you think?

  43. Read the back of the book, sounded good, would like to see the movie.
    Looks like something I can watch with my teenage daughters.

  44. I haven’t seen this movie, however I remember seeing the preview and the storyline intrigues me. I am into watching super hero type movies and this one seems to be a little bit different than the usual stereotypes and this makes me want to see it.

  45. Cross between X-men and Percy Jackson and the lightning theif. High action, cool abilities, awesome weapons, with love story weaved through it. AWESOME. Can’t wait for the sequel

  46. I love movies about teen angst. It takes me back to a less complicated time when all you had to worry about was why the guy you like doesn’t ever like you back. That, and being an Alien!

  47. My teenage son loves alien movies, but not going to the cinema with his Mum – with the dvd we could watch it at home together

  48. Not seen it…..I’m yet to see a great blockbuster this season, I’m looking forward to a fiesty flick with great adventure and out of this world scenes. Also I love adorable Dianna Argon.

  49. I thought it would have been better than what it was, more action, more effects and I was really looking forward to Timothy Olyphant having his own combat scene as the warrior sent to protect number 4.

  50. Anything with Timothy Olyphant in it’s usually good, for that reason I’d watch it. Hopefully I can understand the storyline, sometimes I get lost!

  51. I haven’t seen it, but it looks gnarly. I love sci-fi films and especially those with a riveting storyline. Me please!

  52. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! It’s similar to Twilight, but a million times better. Great Action. Hot Characters. Fantastic Plot. Climatic End. Cute dog, for those who have seen it, you know what I mean!

  53. I thought it was excellent, a good plot and the action had me on the edge of my seat, whereas Twilight sent me to sleep! It had teen romance, some great new actors, some sci-fi. The Mogodorians were pretty scary. Best movie I’ve seen this year. I didn’t realise it was based on a book series – great I’ll follow that up.

  54. I am intrigued by the whole premise behind I AM NUMBER FOUR. I have not seen it yet because I wanted to read the books first. I don’t mind my sci-fi on the unbelievable side. I think the whole genre is pure escapism. Sometimes that what you want.

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