DVD Release: House of Anubis

Nickelodeon is a favourite channel in our house for their wide range of programming, and their appeal to many ages. One of the shows that is proving to be a huge success in Australia and internationally is House of Anubis, Season 2 premiered in Australia on Monday May 7.

If you don’t have Nickelodeon, or it’s on at an inconvenient time, you no longer have to miss out. Paramount Home Media Distribution has just released House Of Anubis Season One – Volume One on DVD so you can pick one up with an RRP of $28.95 and kick back to catch up whenever the mood hits you. The DVD was released on April 25th, 2012.

house of anubis

Season One Volume One contains 30 episodes from the first season of the hit series, as well as some fabulous special features which include the House of Anubis Premiere Special and House of Anubis Set Unlocked.

House of Anubis returns children and teens to a love of the mystery genre as this show slowly uncovers clues to the secrets of the house as the season unfolds, every episode leaves you wanting more.

A spooky elite English boarding school is the setting for this intriguing mystery which follows 8 students as they seek to uncover the mysteries of Anubis house – named after the Egyptian god and rumoured to be haunted.

It all begins when a student disappears without a trace on the very same day that new girl Nina, an American, starts at Anubis house. Nina and her new friends sleuth to solve the mysteries of the house, and Joy’s disappearance, through the trials and tribulations of teenage life.

This April release DVD is a 2-disc set with a running time of 317 minutes with Stereo sound quality. The RRP is $28.95 and is rated PG. Each of the discs contains 15 of the Season 1 episodes (of which there were 60).

This definitely sounds like one to treat your inquisitive pre-teens to, with a good chance of engaging parents as well.

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