DVD Release: Elementary

A scorching summer heatwave draining all your motivation? Struggling to get up and get productive? Just want to flop on the couch under the air conditioner with some quality TV? I’m with you and I even have a suggestion for what that quality TV could be.

February 5 will see the release of Elementary Season 1 on DVD. The box set includes a fun list of special features as well as all 23 episodes of the first season.

I saw the ads for this one when it started on TV but never quite got around to watching it, so if you are in the same situation this is the perfect time to get your own copy and watch at your leisure.

Elementary_S1_Still_EP001-1361bi med

Elementary is a modern day retelling of the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Jonny Lee Miller. Holmes is a recovering drug addict starting fresh in New York City as an NYPD consultant. Dr Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu, has been hired by Sherlock’s dad to keep him on the straight and narrow so she becomes his trusty companion. She unsuccessfully tries to get him to participate in group therapy and he in turn makes her job, and her life, as challenging as possible. Sherlock’s instincts lead Watson on a fascinating, yet frustrating, path as she develops a flair for detective work. Justice is elementary to these two strong willed crime fighting partners.

SYNOPSIS: New Holmes. New Watson. New York. It would be a crime to miss

CAST/CREW: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu

-A Holme: Of Their Own
-In Liu Of Watson
-Holmes Sweet Holmes
-Set Tour With Lucy Liu
-CBS Launch Promos
-The Power Of Observation: Behind-The-Scenes Webscenes

RATING: MA15+ Strong themes

DVD RRP: $45.99

RUNTIME: 1000 Minutes

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