Digital Television – Analog Switch Off

By the end of 2013 Australia will see the end of analog television with digital television standing alone. Some areas have already made the switch while others are yet to come. The UK have completed the process and now have a variety of digital tv providers.

To be digital ready you need to make sure you have a compatible television or set top box which can be purchased from your local department store.

The benefits of the switch is to have access to even more channels with a TV guide shown on your TV screen. Depending on the type of set top box you own you will be able to access high definition or standard definition channels, all in good quality if you have the correct aerial.

Television is ever changing (remember it was once black and white) and this is just another way technology is constantly evolving.

Keep an eye out for updates in your area about the analog switch off, most digital ready televisions will need a re-tune after this time.

Are you ready for digital TV?

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