Destination Now – The Potbelleez

The Potbelleez are back with their 2nd album after being holed up in the Bondi Beach ‘Wonderland’ studio writing and recording Destination Now. The album is co-produced by Australian dance legend and multiple ARIA Award winner Paul Mac (Itchee & Scratchee, The Dissociatives) and Shave (4x UK Top10 and US Top5 productions).

This album is sure to get dance floors pumping and is also radio friendly so you are guaranteed to be hearing a lot of it anytime and any place.

The first smash single from the album was ‘Hello’ – July 2010’s #1 Most Added Track to Australian radio. It shot up the ARIA Top 40 singles chart and received ARIA Gold certification. ‘Shake It’ was the 2nd single which also performed admirably and made it’s way to the top of radio playlists.

The Potbelleez are a fabulous foursome hailing from quite different musical backgrounds. Ilan is classically trained, Dave and Jonny hail from the club zone and Blue MC brings her hip-hop/rap to the mix. They all bring a piece of their musical souls to the mix on Destination Now.

destination now

Since their conception in the 00’s The Potbelleez have been quite highly acclaimed and a hot thing in the commercial market in Australia.

Destination Now was released on the 27th May and already boasts three chart hits with the very popular ‘Hello’, ‘Shake It’ and ‘From The Music’. It is a pretty sure bet that they are only the beginning – this pumping album has more chart toppers sitting back awaiting their time to shine as singles!

If you are after a CD to wake you up and get the blood pumping then this is a great choice. For weekend partying and the club scene. This CD has a purpose for anytime you need a bit of a lift.

Track Listing

  1. Feed Off Me
  2. Shake It (Radio Edit)
  3. Twitch
  4. Midnight Midnight
  5. From The Music (Original Edit)
  6. Hello (Let’s Go)
  7. Feels Real Good
  8. 101 Reasons
  9. Born Together
  10. I’ll Show You
  11. On My Own
  12. Standing Alone

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