DDIY: The Thong Hotspot

We love when companies make fun of themselves, and Telstra’s DDIY (don’t do it yourself) video on how to make your Aussie thong into a mobile hot spot is so ridiculous that it will give you a few laughs.

Basically the video shows how to, or how not to, get your summer footwear and put your mobile phone inside…and there you have it, internet in your thong.

Wireless mobile internet wherever your feet will take you:

It kind of reminds me of those shoes with GPS installed (which are actual real shoes to help keep track of people with Alzheimer etc), so it isn’t THAT far fetched to have wi-fi in your shoes.

But, of course, this is totally fake and only meant to give you a smile.

So, what do you think of the video? Funny or totally lame?

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