Coming Soon TV Show: Love Child

Ratings season is fast coming to an end and all the shows we know and love have gone on hiatus, or are about to, and the networks have started playing teaser trailers for the exciting new programs they plan to air in 2014. Some of the shows are looking like interesting and entertaining viewing.

One such program is Love Child scheduled to air on Channel Nine in 2014.

Love Child is a new drama series starring Jessica Marais (of Packed To The Rafters), Jonathan LaPaglia (famous for roles in Cold Case, The District and Underbelly ) and Mandy McElhinney (of Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, All Saints and Bed of Roses).

Set in Kings Cross in 1969, a coming of age time in Australia’s history when the new generation believed anything was possible. Joan Miller, played by Jessica Marais, is a smart and sophisticated midwife who returns home from London to build a new life for herself and takes a job at the Kings Cross Hospital.

love child

The charismatic Dr Patrick McNaughton, played by Jonathan Lapaglia, is head of obstetrics in the hospital and Mandy McElhinney is Frances Bolton, the tough matron who also runs a home for unwed pregnant young women, Stanton House.

Love Child takes us inside their lives within Kings Cross Hospital, Stanton House and the streets of Darlinghurst. This show tells the stories of young men and women fighting against an unjust system at a time when the world was about about to change.

Also starring in the 8 part series are Ryan Corr, Ella Scott Lynch, Sophie Hensser, Miranda Tapsell, Harriet Dyer and Gracie Gilbert.

Love Child is a gripping Australian drama showcasing some stellar Aussie talent and capturing the music, fashions and attitudes of the late 60s.

Personally, I think it has great potential and am looking forward to watching. If only I had been able to find an air date.

One thought on “Coming Soon TV Show: Love Child

  1. It sounds like a mix of Underbelly: The Golden Mile and every hospital drama ever made. I wasn’t around but I can’t remember what was so significant about 1969.

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