COMING SOON: Tricky Business TV Show

Channel Nine’s new Australian television show, Tricky Business is coming soon in 2012. This is a family drama which should appeal to Packed to the Rafters fans and is being advertised by Channel 9 as “warm, funny and moving”.

That being said, the cast denies that it is a replica of Rafters and it is set to have edgier storylines as the characters are a family of debt collectors with complicated relationships.

tricky business

The cast features an interesting combination of actors, most of who you would have spotted on other Australian television series. Shane Bourne,  Debra Byrne, Kip Gamblin, Lincoln Lewis, Gigi Edgley, Antony Starr and Sophie Hensser are all part of the line up for Tricky Business.

The show is set in Woolongong, and like all families things can get a little interesting.

Tricky Business will get a primetime spot, but it is yet to be revealed whether it will in fact go head to head with Packed to the Rafters.

The show is still in production by Screentime.

What do you think of the previews? Will you be watching Tricky Business?

One thought on “COMING SOON: Tricky Business TV Show

  1. Oh yeah, this is one of those shows that I am going to get attached and addicted to, I am sure of that. The ads have definately got me interested in this family’s story.

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