Coming Soon to TV: Doctor Doctor (Nine)

Channel 9 are said to be feeling the heat and are set to release a range of new shows to boost ratings. This is good news for free to air viewers, and one upcoming offering worth mentioning is “Doctor Doctor”.

This is planned for mid-September and stars Rodger Corser who plays Doctor Hugh Knight. Isn’t the eye candy enough to make you want to watch it?

doctor doctor

If not, the storyline goes a little something like this – he returns to his hometown to work as a country doctor after trouble with the Medical Tribunal. He ends up coming back to a town he tried to get away from and realising a lot has changed. This sounds a little like a more serious version of Hart of Dixie (big city doctor moving to the country) going by the description, but time will tell!

This is filmed in New South Wales, and it is a relief to finally have some good old Aussie drama coming back to the screens after an overload of reality TV.

Catch it Wednesday, September 14th at 8.40pm on Channel 9.

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