Coming Soon: The Sims Movie

Australian’s own Margot Robbie is kicking goals, and her next project is set to be The Sims movie. Ms Robbie runs the production company LuckyChap and will be teaming up with Electronic Arts for the highly anticipated film.

Since 2000, The Sims has been a household name. As a life simulator, The Sims takes mundane human-ish tasks and makes them fun. If you’re familiar with the game you will know how time disappears as you modify characters and upgrade homes.

With a never-ending list of expansion packs and graphics that continue to get better, The Sims is as popular today as when it was first released.

It makes sense that this is the next venture for the star. While we’re excited to watch the movie, the merchandise is sure to be grand. If Barbie is anything to go by, we’re expecting a big juicy marketing budget.

More details as they unfold.

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