Coming Soon – The Sims 4 (EA Games)

There aren’t many computer games that females of all ages get excited about, but The Sims franchise is one that has women glued to the screen for hours.

EA Games have released an official trailer for the latest and greatest, The Sims 4 which will be launching in Australia in 2014. The most realistic simulation game yet, the characters are more dynamic and for the first time emotions play a part in their moods and the way they interact with others in the game – just like in real life.

You can watch the video for The Sims 4 here:

Your Sims will be more intelligent and lifelike and the graphics better than ever before. You can earn rewards for completing achievements and share your creations and downloads extras in the online community. There are new and improved creative and design tools in the game to enhance your experience.

The possibilities are endless, you can make your Sims happy and successful or simply drive them crazy – the choice is yours!

I am really looking forward to this one; the countdown is on for The Sims 4! Are you a fan of The Sims?

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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