COMING SOON: House Husbands

Channel 9 have started promoting their upcoming television shows which will be featuring later this year, and one of the newies is House Husbands. This is an Australian comedy / drama and the cast will include Gary Sweet and Julia Morris.

The show will revolve around four families who have switched the traditional gender roles and have the men raising the kids.

house husbands

If done properly this show will have the potential to be funny because us Aussies do have a sense of humour – it will be interesting to see how the series plays out.

The Channel 9 website says, “House Husbands proves that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you ever need to stop acting like one.”

House Husbands is coming soon!


2 thoughts on “COMING SOON: House Husbands

  1. With Julie Morris in it House Husbands is sure to be a hit, as she is one of the funniest women on Australian television. And Gary Sweet , Talent there…

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