Coming Soon: Excision

Audiences at this years Sundance Film Festival were both enthralled and outraged by writer director Richard Bates, Jr’s coming of age horror movie Excision and Australian horror fans will have their chance to lay hands, and eyes, on it from November 15th.

Excision boasts quite a well known cast with the likes of AnnaLynne McCord from 90210, Transporter 2, Fired Up and Nip Tuck playing deluded high school student Pauline and Traci Lords of Blade and Zack & Miri Make A Porno as Pauline’s controlling mother. Other members of the cast include Ariel Winter of Modern Family, Roger Bart of Hostel Part II, Law Abiding Citizen and American Gangster, John Waters of Twin Peaks and Malcolm McDowell of The Artist, A Clockwork Orange and Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

Excision has gained much attention at festivals in the US over the past year for its unique journey into the deranged teenage mind and it’s shocking splatter factor.


This movie is based on a short film, also named Excision, centring around Pauline, the disturbed high school student aspiring to a career in medicine and desperate to earn her controlling mothers approval. Pauline’s obsession with curing her sister’s cystic fibrosis, and struggles related to being an outcast teenager, conspire to drive Pauline to further derangement as it inflates her fascination with surgery and human flesh.

Rotten Tomatoes has Excision with a 94% ‘want to see’ rating and the time is fast approaching for Australians to be able to do exactly that.

The Blu-Ray and DVD of Excision includes audio commentary with writer director Richard Bates, Jr. and AnnaLynne McCord. These will be available in Australia on November 15th, I’m sure if you start looking for it you will be able to pre-order now and get it as soon as possible.

This sounds like a great movie for fans of slasher/splatter/gorefest horror movies, with the added bonus of actually having a story. I think I need to add it to my ‘want to see’ list too, come to think of it this is a genre Malcolm McDowell seems to be making himself comfortable in too.

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