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It’s all about the countdowns at the moment, and I am not a very patient person. I want it ….NOW! I don’t want to wait until May the 10th until the screenings start! So I thought I’d come and talk a little to you about this upcoming release to try and ease my impatience and help you all scratch the Johnny Depp itch that’s burrowing into your psyche as you squirm awaiting this movie release.

I love movies, in theory. I will sit back and watch trailers, and follow the publicity of what’s coming up – getting ever more excited about seeing the next big hit. But when the release rolls around I very rarely find the time. To be completely honest the TV is often the same. The shows I always followed I now find myself seasons behind,  with the exception of True Blood – I drop everything for that one.

Not this time! This time I am determined, I WILL be watching Dark Shadows on the big screen and I just wish I could go and see it right now.

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You can tell that the release date is getting close because Dark Shadows is starting to crop up all over. My Twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with talk of the May 8th premiere in Brisbane, and the trailers, and the movie posters. Dark Shadows are everywhere and they are certainly sucking me in.

Dark Shadows was originally an American Gothic soap opera, it was before its time for the time-slot and there were 1225 episodes made. Considering the show ran for a little under 5 years that seems like an extremely large episode count, which was one of the benefits of being a daily daytime drama.

Barnabas Collins first graced screens in the mid-60’s, long before I was born, and amassed a cult following. The show still turns up on Top Cult Show lists. It’s a show with lots of fans that already boasts big screen adaptations. Add all of this together and I am very surprised at myself that I had not heard of Barnabas Collins until a few months ago.

Tim Burton takes on the cult classic and gives it his own unique spin. Bringing in Johnny Depp for the lead role of Barnabas, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Grace Moretz, Eva Green and the list goes on. But the one that I thought was interesting to note is the original Barnabas Collins makes an appearance, as do a couple of others.

This movie has certainly sparked some heated debate, as Tim Burton interpretations often do, and there is quite the polar opinions being spouted across cyber space – much of it seems to be related to the differences between Burton’s film and the original.

Dark Shadows takes its inspiration from the original and then strikes out in its own direction. I have seen the trailers and I love them, I’ve seen the posters and I want more.

The feel is going to be quite camp, and fun. This isn’t going to be serious, violent disturbing vampires. Dark Shadows hasn’t yet been classified according to my local cinema but IMDb has it rated PG-13 so it’s not going to be too disturbing.

The movie is set in 1972 when 200-yr old Barnabas is unearthed from his grave, and it looks very 1970’s. Depp is at his ageless finest with expressions that seem rigid and expressive at the same time.

Bringing together witches, werewolves, ghosts and creatures of all descriptions this Gothic Burton creation looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to watch.  So, in an effort to quell my impatience and survive the next 2 weeks, I’m off to watch the trailer … AGAIN (and again and again) would you care to join me for a BITE!

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  1. I also have to say I feast on books especially vampires and creatures of the night werewolves,fairies,demons have been my genre of choice for the past 34 years .Always fascinated,enthralled by the darker side.

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