COMING SOON: Brynne: My Bedazzled Life

It seems the current trend for reality shows and getting into the lives of the rich and famous is still going strong, right here in Australia as well as overseas. Having Foxtel I see the promos for ALL the reality shows flooding the market and there is definitely no shortage.

Australia is no stranger to the love of reality TV but until now the majority of shows have focused on ordinary Aussies with the glut of talent shows airing, as well as Big Brother and Farmer Wants A Wife. The game seems to be changing of late with shows heading into the celebrity arena.

Recently Being Lara Bingle aired, a reality show giving Australians sitting at home an observation window into the life of Lara Bingle, and now we are set to get a peek into the life of Brynne Edelsten.

Set to air on Channel Seven from October 4th Brynne: My Bedazzled Life gives us a fly on the wall view of the life of Brynne. The shopping, the lifestyle, the jet-setting and the trials of marriage, the love of a pet, the family and friends and the challenges faced simply by being in the public eye. There is happiness, adversity, highs, lows and even tears.

my bedazzled life

Reality TV it may be but there will always be questions as to how much of it is real, how much of it is an act for the cameras and how much of it is scripted for ratings and, honestly, we are never going to have the answers to that. It seems to me like this may be worth the watch just for the scenery.

Brynne Edelston is the 29 year old wife of 69 year old millionaire Geoffrey Edelston and as you can well imagine their priorities are somewhat different, Brynne is desperate to have a child and that desire isn’t shared by her husband. This is an issue sure to be granted quite a bit of airtime.

The Channel Seven cameras were given exclusive, and I’m sure at times a little intrusive, access to the Edelstons to bring the Australian public a birds eye view of Brynne Edelston and her life.¬† The series is an in-house Channel Seven production produced by Rob Menzies with Maxine Gray as Executive Producer.

Brynne: My Bedazzled Life will screen on Channel Seven at 7.30pm on Thursday 4th October 2012.

Will you be watching?


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