Coming Soon: Banshee TV Show (Fox 8)

Fox 8 is set to screen a new action series starting August 14 called Banshee and set in the Pennsylvanian town of Banshee.

The series was created by Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler who brought Alan Ball (think Six Feet Under, American Beauty and True Blood) and Greg Yaitanes (House) on board also.

Banshee is a fictional small town in Amish country Pennsylvania. The reason for this setting is… a woman. No real surprise there actually. The leading man, New Zealand born Antony Starr who is known for his roles in Rush, Outrageous Fortune and Tricky Business, comes to Banshee unnamed after serving 15 years in prison for stealing diamonds from gangster Mr Rabbit. He is searching for his ex-lover and partner in crime Anastasia and the search leads him to Banshee, where she is now living under an assumed name with her husband and two children.

A new sheriff, Lucas Hood, has also just arrived in town and he manages to get himself killed on day one so what better way for the ex-con to hide in plain sight than to assume the identity of the now deceased sheriff no-one knows.

banshee tv show

An ex-con on the run from gangsters posing as a sheriff – the signs are certainly there for lots of action, lots of thugs and you have to wonder if Hood will manage to rekindle the romance with his old flame, even if she is married now.

There are sure to be some interesting, and exciting, storylines in this 10 episode series airing on Fox 8 Wednesdays at 8.30pm (EST) beginning August 14. I will definitely be tuning in. The series has already been renewed for a new season in  the US and season 2 is set to air January 2014.

I was reading up on the cast of characters and there are some interesting connections which ensure a thrilling season.

Also starring in Banshee are Ben Cross as the Ukranian gangster Mr Rabbit, Ivana Milicevic as Anastasia, Ulrich Thomsen as Kai Proctor the crime kingpin in Banshee whose backstory is story sounds rather interesting. Frankie Faison, Hoon Lee, Rus Blackwell, Matt Servitto, Demetrius Grosse, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Ryann Shane, Daniel Ross Owens and Lili Simmons also star.

I am going to set the reminder on my Foxtel TV Guide right now so I don’t miss the pilot.

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  1. I watched this last night and I think it’s going to become quite a popular show, certainly some graphic moments though

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