COMING SOON: Anger Management TV Show

It’s no secret that Charlie Sheen has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride since he was axed from popular series Two and a Half Men. The star has pulled himself together and is the star of a new comedy show, Anger Management.

It is no coincidence that there is a movie by the same name, the show is actually based on Jack Nicholson’s character who Charlie Sheen will play. Funnily enough, the actor will be yet another “Charlie”, but this time he is an unconventional anger management therapist who has issues of his own.

anger management charlie sheen

Selma Blair, Daniela Bobadilla, Michael Arden, Shawnee Smith and Noureen DeWulf also have roles in the show.

Anger Management has been picked up by Channel 9 in Australia (who have really pushed Two and a Half Men into our lounge rooms with regular new episodes and repeats) and will be on television soon.

Will you be watching Anger Management? Will Charlie Sheen redeem himself – does he need to?

2 thoughts on “COMING SOON: Anger Management TV Show

  1. Yes I will be watching it. Even though he has stuffed up several times, he is interesting to watch. Two and a Half Men has never been the same…..

  2. I can’t wait to MISS this one! He is NOT good looking, NOT funny, NOT anything really. I can’t for the life of me why people like him at all, he is just a loser as an actor and in his personal life. I also watched Two and a Half Men but it was because I loved ALL the other actors, especially Allan and Berta.

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