COMING SOON: Alcatraz TV Show

Channel 9 has picked up Alcatraz which comes from JJ Abrams, the director of Lost and Fringe, and even stars Jorge Garcia (who played Hugo in the long running series, Lost).

The American series, which also stars Sam Neill and Ashleigh O’Hara is set on the island that is Alcatraz and the prisoners who inhabited it decades ago. Prisoners who “died” are now reappearing in modern society and committing crimes.


Sam Neill plays Agent Hauser, who is the secretive “knows more than he is letting on” character with a rich history with Alcatraz.

This could go either way in terms of success, the preview which is currently appearing on channel 9 really doesn’t make it seem overly appealing, but digging a little deeper and researching the story line reveals that it certainly has potential.

Alcatraz will be on Channel 9 in Australia in 2012.

Have you seen the Alcatraz TV show? What do you think?

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