Coming Soon: 800 Words TV Show

Packed to the Rafters patriarch Erik Thomson is set to return to channel seven screens this September in the new comedy-drama series 800 Words.

The new show has been likened to Packed to the Rafters in that they share a similar feel and there will be no apologies made for that. Rafters was such a great launching point for young careers so let’s hope that success can be repeated with the fledgling careers of the young stars of 800 Words.

The show centres around the Turners, who after losing the wife and mother of the family make a huge life change and move away from all they know.

Erik Thomson plays George Turner, the recently widowed 800 word columnist at a top selling Sydney newspaper. He quits his job and impulse buys a house in a remote New Zealand seaside town over the internet, before discussing this huge lifestyle change with his teenaged son and daughter.

Shay and Arlo Turner are played by relative newcomers to the screen Melina Vidler and Benson Jack Anthony.

800 words tv show

The show was shot in both Sydney and New Zealand and the project is co-produced by South Pacific Pictures and Seven Productions for the Seven Network.

Not a lot is known about the new show yet but the Turner’s new home town of Weld is sure to house many a colorful character. One notable cast member is Bridie Carter of McLeod’s Daughter fame who will play Jan.

I have been seeing the ads for this one for the last couple of weeks and I think it will definitely be worth giving a try.

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