COMING SOON: 2 Broke Girls TV Show

Another one of Channel 9’s latest television offerings is 2 Broke Girls. This sitcom from America is a comedy which began airing in the US in 2011 and will be in Australia in 2012.

The series is written by Emmy Award winner Michael Patrick King (from Sex and the City) and comedian Whitney Cummings. Set in Brooklyn, 2 Broke Girls is about two young waitresses who strike an unlikely friendship.

2 broke girls

There is Max (played by Kat Dennings) who grew up in a poor family and Caroline (played by Beth Behrs) who was once rich but is now broke and looks a little like Paris Hilton…oh, and there is also a horse.

The two girls both end up working as waitresses at the same restaurant, and they make a goal to reach $250,000 so they can open their own cupcake shop. As you can imagine, with their differing attitudes, life experiences and personalities their friendship ends up being quite hilarious – but a mutual passion keeps them together.

2 broke girls

A fun new show which is going to give you a few laughs, when 2 Broke Girls finally airs in Australia we will certainly be watching.

Also stars Garrett Morris, Jonathan Kite and Matthew Moy.

Have you seen 2 Broke Girls? What do you think, will it be worth the wait?

2 thoughts on “COMING SOON: 2 Broke Girls TV Show

  1. I have watched all the eps so far… It’s good for a giggle but the jokes are a bit predictable…
    It’s an easy watch but not something I look forward to each week.

  2. i have watched all the episodes except for this week’s. my husband loves it, but i’m not so sure. i think max would be a little more likeable if she wasn’t SO negative about everything! i like caroline a lot better because of her optimism and awesome style. plus, her horse is cute! this show doesn’t have a wow factor that i usually get when trying out a new show, so, we’ll just wait and see!

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