Colours of my Life – Judith Durham

Colours of My Life is a 50th Anniversary Retrospective celebrating the career of Judith Durham, The Seekers front-woman and extremely talented solo artist.

22 tracks have been hand picked to make the cut and be included on this CD. They tell the story of her career and beautifully showcase the depth and purity of her voice. Six of these tracks have never appeared on CD before so this is a great idea for fans who think they have all her work.

There are tracks on this CD that are very familiar, though I couldn’t pinpoint where I may ever have heard them.


This isn’t music I would listen to, not really my genre, but I can appreciate that the sound, the music and the messages are beautiful and Judith Durham undoubtedly has a gorgeous voice that touches all who listen to it. An exquisitely distinctive voice not to be mistaken, that hasn’t really changed over the years.

The CD booklet contains a brief history of Judith Durhams career and where the tracks on the CD have come from so for those of you who like the details this will be sure to satisfy your curiosity. There are also some great photos and album covers in here so you can see the journey through the decades.

I won’t say too much about the actual tracks except to say that Elton John makes an appearance on the piano for Skyline Pigeon which was one of his songs, written by Bernie Taupin.

Colours Of My Life offers more than this magical 22 track CD and informative CD booklet, you will also receive a DVD.

Talking Heads with Peter Thompson is an ABC show that profiled Judith Durham, I am not sure exactly when the show aired but it would have to be within the last couple of years. The DVD of this show is entertaining and informative, really helping you to get to know Judith Durham a little better. There is some fabulous original footage and live performance snippets.

Track Listing

1. Colours Of My Life
2. Moan You Mourners
3. Georgy Girl
4. The Olive Tree
5. Maple Leaf Rag
6. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
7. The Light Is Dark Enough
8. Skyline Pigeon
9. I Wanna Dance To Your Music
10. Body And Soul
11. What’ll I Do
12. My Buddy
13. Australia Land Of Today
14. When Starlight Fades
15. It’s Hard To Leave
16. End Of The World
17. Far Shore
18. Fifties Medley – You Belong To Me/ It’s Impossible / Wonderful! Wonderful!
19. The Carnival Is Over
20. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
21. I Celebrate Your Life My Baby
22. Climb Ev’ry Mountain

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