Clare Bowditch and The New Slang – Modern Day Addicition

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Clare Bowditch is an Australian Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne who’s fourth album, released by Island Records on August 13 2010, is Modern Day Addiction. It became Album of the Week on both 3RRR and ABC National and is the first of Bowditch’s albums to enter the Top Ten.

Modern Day Addiction was recorded with a newly expanded band, The New Slang. Being my first introduction to Clare Bowditch I can’t really compare this album to any of her previous work with The Feeding Set. I have read that it is quite a change of direction for her and most of it was written on casio and piano. Modern Day Addiction was recorded partly in her backyard studio in Melbourne as well as in the legendary Hansa studios in Berlin.


This album is quite catchy and upbeat musically masking the fact that lyrically the messages are a political commentary on the society we are living in. Quite catchy tunes and some inspirational lyrics, I think this could do quite well on commercial radio.

There are quite a few different backing vocalists featured on Modern Day Addiction which adds great depth to the album and totally changes the sound on some songs.

The tone of the album and all of the little notes in the CD booklet give the impression that Clare Bowditch is an extroverted and fun modern woman who thrives on audience participation and involving people in the process. Lots of little instructional and informative videos have been put up on her website, one of which gives instructions on how to clap to the first single.

Do  the Australian music industry a favour, and yourself, and go buy this album.

Track Listing

  • The Start of War
  • Modern Day Addiction
  • Running
  • A Lucky Life
  • Prinz Willy
  • Your Own Kind of Girl
  • A E I O You
  • The Most Beautiful Lies
  • Break My Heart
  • Bigger Than The Money
  • A Little History (Homage to My Dad Two)
  • Stars

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