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A CD I was excited to receive this week is Changing Times by Jon Stevens. I loved him back in my teenage days as the Noiseworks front man, extremely hot front man who made it onto my wall I may add, but that’s beside the point. He had a killer set of vocal chords and a voice that could melt you at the knees if he was singing a ballad.

All of that was many years ago and since then he has had quite an interesting and varied career, even if it hasn’t always been in the forefront of the public eye. Jon spent some time fronting INXS and played Judas in two Australian productions of Jesus Christ Superstar. His career has been varied and hard working, cementing him as a respected performer who does a kick-ass live show (in my home state, not far from me last weekend I just discovered – most disappointed).

changing times

Recently his solo album was released, and he has another one being released in November but we aren’t here to talk about that one.

Changing Times is 11 tracks of sexy Stevens, all written or co-written and produced by him. The lyrics are quite soul searching, honest reflections of life that seem to me to speak of his journey to this point in the life he’s chosen. Emphasized strongly by the distinctive personality injected into his voice and vocal style.

There is even a statement in the CD Booklet to say that there was NO Auto Tune used in the making of the album, which just makes me wonder how we got to the point where that is even necessary.

Jon Stevens has just signed to Universal and Changing Times is his first solo rock album with the new label, tipping it’s hat to the melodic rock reminiscent of Noiseworks while giving it a definite twist of Stevens. The album is classic rock, melodic and easy to listen to. Jon Stevens has definitely still got it!

Track Listing

01. One Mistake
02. Acid Tongue
03. Living The Life
04. Maybe Baby
05. Just A Man
06. These Are The Days
07. Stare
08. Kamikaze Pilot
09. No Surrender
10. Closer To God
11. Changing Times


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